Sunday, August 18, 2019

Advertise Your Business on Google

Google Ads ( Known as Google Adwords before July 2018) is an online advertising program which is managed by Google. It allows users to create online ads and advertise their products and services.

The Google Ads service is a paid online advertisement service where you have to pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. This service connects you to the audiences who are interested in your product and services.

Now let me brief you how it actually works.

When someone searches on Google for a particular topic, say "Create a Website", then Google shows a list of recommended websites for you. But if you observe closely then on the top and bottom you will see sponsored links which are denoted by green "Ad" label.

Google adwords

Google Ads can be used for creating relevant ads using keywords that people use while searching for something on the Google search. When the keyword is searched by someone on Google, your ad is shown. If the user clicks on your ad then they are redirected to your website. 

When you use Google Ads, keywords are used to determine your cost of advertising. There is a cost per click bid amount associated with the keywords that you choose. A higher cost per click bid can allow your ad to show at a higher position on the page. 

Now, a few questions might be coming up in your mind. 

Why use Google Ads to advertise your business ?

Google is the most used and trusted search engine on the web. It receives more than 3 billion searches in a day. It is one of the most potential platform to promote your business and reach the targeted audiences. 

Google Ads can be the most effective way to drive relevant and qualified traffic to your website when people are searching for the types of services your business offers.

What is the cost for advertising on Google ?

Google Ads is on a Cost per click basis. The average cost per click in Google ads is $2. This cost may vary on a number of factors like competitiveness of the keywords, quality of the advertising campaign and geographical location.

Google ads is based on a bidding system where an advertiser needs to select the maximum bid amount which he wants to pay for a click on his ad. The higher amount you bid, the higher placement of your ad you get.

Will Google Ads work for me?

Many people are confused if Google ads will work for them or not.

So the answer to this question is that if you have some money to invest then just tryout the Google ads service.

Google ads works for all kinds of businesses. It's just a matter of trial. You might need some time in the beginning to learn about it. But once you start getting the taste of success, you will surely love it.

So just spare a few dollars and test the market and see if it works for your business.

Types of Advertising on Google Ads?

There are four types of advertising available on Google ads. They are:

1) Display Ads

2) Search Ads

3) Video Ads

4) App Ads

Now let me brief you a little about these ad types.

Search Ads is the most popular and shows up text ads for a particular Google search.
Video Ads is used to create a video ad which can be shown up on YouTube videos.
Display Ads works as banner or text ads and can show up on Gmail or other network websites.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Create a free business website in minutes

Do you want to create a website for your business?


Then you are on the right page.

Google My Business offers creation of free, professional and stunning websites in a few minutes. It is completely free and easy to create a business website from Google My Business.

The addition of pages and editing is simple and can be done through computer or mobile. You can setup your website in just 3 simple steps.

1) Click on the link  to get started.

Google My Business

2) Enter your business name in the box and hit enter.

3) Choose whether you want your business location to show on your website and click on Next.

4) Choose the list of service areas on the next page.

5) Select the country where your business is based and click on Next.

6) Choose business category on the next page and click Next.

7) Enter your phone number on the next page and click Next.

Your website is setup now. You will reach the dashboard where you can create and add posts.

Moreover you can also add the services that you offer by clicking on the "Edit Services" link.

You can also add pictures and images in the Gallery section by clicking on "Add images" link. Adding pictures lets your customers know your business.

There is also section to add Contact information, Opening hours and About us.

Once you have added posts and all the relevant information related to your business, click on Publish button to get your website live.

Hence, if you want to create a free website for your business in just a few minutes then go for Google My Business. It is simple, user friendly and helps your business getting listed on Google search.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools for Bloggers

I have always said that content is the king and the soul of your blog. It is really a challenge for bloggers to create content.

If English is not your native language then it is really difficult to write an error free content. Most of us make grammatical and punctuation mistakes while writing some content.

Writing a perfect and flawless content is very necessary for bloggers because if you have grammatical mistakes in your blog then no one will like to read your posts.

So, if you are looking for a perfect online grammar and punctuation checker tool, then this post is for you.

In this post I will highlight the best online grammar, spelling and punctuation checker tools which will enhance the quality of your blog.

These tools will save your time from proofreading after you have written your content. They will automatically detect spelling and grammatical mistakes in your content and correct them.

Most of the browsers have this tool inbuilt in them but they have certain limitation and won't work all the time. So, just go for these tools if you want an error free English writing.

1) GRAMMARLY : Grammarly is an online grammar, spelling and punctuation checking tool with millions of users worldwide. It is one of the most popular online proofreading tools.
Grammarly is available in both free and paid versions for its users. You can do the basic grammar and spelling checks using the free version. But for advanced checks for punctuation and grammar you can upgrade to premium account.

It is a very simple and easy to use tool which will make your task simpler. It also comes with an app extension which you can enable in your browser.

2) WHITESMOKE :  Whitesmoke is another powerful online spelling and grammar checker. It works on almost all the devices like your laptop or mobile.

Whitesmoke offers apps for iOS and android users as well. The only requirement is an internet connectivity.

It is compatible with almost all the browsers.
If you do not want to spend a lot on proofreading software then just go for this tool as it very affordable.

This tool will check your content for grammatical or spelling errors and correct them easily. The best thing about Whitesmoke is its easy integration to all the devices and platform.

3) GINGER : Ginger is a contextual spelling checker tool which identifies and provides suggestion to correct all types of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Ginger software is one of the best and widely used tools for proofreading. It is available for free as well as in premium version with advanced features.

Ginger is available as a chrome plugin as well. This plugin helps to identify and correct errors while using gmail. The Ginger plugin can be installed on any other browser and also on android or iOS platform as well.

Ginger offers many additional features like language translator which translates your content into 60 languages.

4) AFTER THE DEADLINE : After the Deadline is a spelling and grammar checking tool which is available as a chrome extension.

This tool is easy to install on Google chrome browser and can be run while writing blog posts, emails etc.

Click on the icon at the lower-right corner of the editor to run this tool.

5) ONLINE CORRECTION : Online correction is a simple and easy tool to check grammar and spelling errors.

You just need to put the text in the editor box and click on submit button. Once you click on submit, you get the spelling suggestion marked in red color and grammar in green color.

This tool is easy to use and doesn't require any installations or skills.

I hope this article helps you in choosing the correct online grammar and spelling checker tool.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to Create a Website on Wix

Wix is a very powerful and popular platform for creating business and personal websites with an ease. It allows users to create HTML sites through the easy drag and drop website builder.

Wix offers plenty of attractive and stunning templates to its users through which you can create a beautiful website. You can create a mobile version of your website as well through Wix. It also allows you to link your website through a custom domain. If you have a custom domain name that you have purchased from somewhere else, you can link it to your site or you can purchase a domain name from within Wix site.

Wix offers both free and paid plans for website development. However the free plan has limited features and tools. If you want to create a business website you can go for the paid plan with additional benefits and tools.

In this post I will share with you how you can start a website in Wix with the free plan and later on upgrade to a premium version. Just follow the steps below:

1) Open the Wix homepage by typing in your browser address bar. Then click on Start now button.

Wix homepage

2) The Signup page will open where you need to type your email address and choose a password for your account. You can even signup with your Google or Facebook account from the right hand side.

Wix signup page

3) On the next page you will be asked to answer a few questions about the website that you want to build. You can answer the questions or skip.

wix website

If you choose to answer the questions Wix will automatically create a website for you as per the theme of your website. If you wish to do it yourself then click on the "Choose a template" button.

4) Choose a template as per the theme of your website from the templates page.

Choose Template from Wix

5) Once you take the mouse pointer on the template you will get two options. Click on " View" button to check the preview of the template or click on "Edit" to go to the Wix Website Editor.

Wix website editor page

6) On the left side of the page, click on the first icon " Menus and Pages". You can add a new page to your website by clicking on the "Add Page" button at the bottom. You can also navigate to the other pages of your site through this menu.

Wix menu

7) Click on the + icon on the left side to add various widgets, tools, forms, button, store, member's area, videos, images etc to your site.

Wix tools

8) Add content to your website and click on "Save" at the top right corner of the page. Click on "Preview" to see how your website will look in the browser.

9) Once you have created the pages of your site and added content you can publish your site and make it live for others to see. You can either choose to go for a free domain or connect your own customized domain. If you choose a free domain option, your website URL will be something like this: www.

10) Click on "Save and Continue". Your website is ready now.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to link Adsense to your Youtube Channel

YouTube is the one of the world's largest video sharing platform. If you want to earn money from your YouTube channel then you need to link your Adsense account to it.

If you have an existing Adsense account then you can link it directly to your channel or else you can apply for an Adsense account. It is easy to apply and get approved for an Adsense account from YouTube.

So if you are innovative then just go ahead and create interesting videos and upload on your YouTube channel.

Once your Adsense account is linked successfully to your channel, Google will display ads on your videos. If a user views or clicks on the ads, you will get paid.

YouTube is a great platform to earn money online without any investment. So utilize this platform and upload interesting and useful videos and earn money.

Link Adsense to Youtube

So now I will share with you how to link Adsense to YouTube.

1) Open the link on your computer.

2) Click on "Sign in" at the top right corner of the page.

3) Enter your Google user id and password to sign in.

4) Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page. Click on gear button on the menu to open YouTube settings.

5) Under overview menu click "View additional features" link. Scroll through features and look for "Monetization". Click on "Enable monetization" link.

6) Then click on "Enable my account" button.

7) Now you need to read and accept the YouTube partner program terms. Click on "I accept". Your application will be submitted. You need to wait for 24 hrs to get your application approved.

Once your application is approved, learn how to enable Google ads.

1) Go to Account monetization page and check your account status here.

2) Under "Guidelines and Information" section. Click on FAQ "How will i get paid?". Click on "Associate an Adsense account" link and then click on "Next".

3) Enter your Google account details to Sign in.

4) On the next page validate your YouTube channel link and content language. Click on "Continue" button.

5) On the next page you need to provide your details like Payee name, address, phone number, email etc. After filling the details click on "Submit my application". 

Your application will be reviewed and approved in a few hours. Google ads will be displayed on your videos soon after approval.

Also check my post on How to promote a YouTube channel.

Hope this helps. Kindly share your feedback and comments below.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Add Adsense to Blogger

Google Adsense is an advertising network managed by Google through which publishers earn money by displaying targeted ads on their website pages.

Check my post on complete Google Adsense guidelines. Also check my post on how to get Adsense approval quickly.

In this post I will share how you can add Google Adsense to blogger.

Just follow the below steps to integrate Adsense to your Blogger blog.

1) Go to Blogger homepage :

2) Click on Sign in at the top-right corner of the page.

3) Enter your Google id and password and click on Sign in.

4) Click on the arrow at the upper-left corner and select the blog in which you want to integrate Adsense ads.

5) Click on Earnings on the left side of the window.

Add Adsense to blogger

6) Here if you don't see Sign up for Adsense button then that means your blog does not currently qualify for Adsense. You can try later, once your blog meets Adsense conditions.

Add Adsense to blogger

 If you see Sign up for Adsense button then go to step 7.

7) Click on Sign in to login with your Google account. Follow the instruction to link your Adsense account to your blog.

If you don't have an approved Adsense account then apply from here. Once your account is approved it will get linked automatically. After this step you will be back to your Blogger dashboard.

8) Click on Earnings on the left side of the window.

9) Click on Yes button besides "Show ads on blog".

Add Adsense to blogger

10) Below "Ad set up for blog" choose  the position where you want to display Google ads on your blog. Select any one option for placing the ads on your blog page.

Add Adsense to blogger

11) Click on Save settings to save your ad settings and start showing Google ads on your blog.
You have successfully integrated Adsense ads on your blog.

If you want to check your Adsense earnings

1) Open and Sign in.

2) On the top-left select the blog whose earnings report you want to check.

3) Click on Earnings.

4) Click Visit Adsense for details of my earnings.

Add Adsense to blogger

I believe this helps you out. If you still face difficulty in adding Adsense to your blog, then go through the Adsense integration guide.

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics (For Bloggers)

In this post I will share with you some benefits of using Google analytics on your blog.

Everyone is eager to know how many people are visiting their blog everyday. It is good to check and be updated about your blog stats. This helps in building up new strategies and ideas for promoting their blog.

If you know the answer to the following questions then you can create an effective plan to grow your blog.

1) How many users I am getting everyday?

2) How many new users are visiting my blog everyday?

3) How many of the users have checked my blog earlier as well?

4) How many page views I am getting everyday?

5) Which is most visited page on my blog?

6) From which countries I am getting maximum users?

You get the complete control of your blog if you have the answer to the above questions.

There are many tools, web trackers and plugins available on internet for tracking a blog and providing you the answer to the above questions.

But honestly speaking, Google Analytics is the best. It is reliable, easy to understand and free. So why to go for some other option when you have such a awesome tool for free.

You might face some difficulties to understand the stats of your site at beginning but later on it will be simple.

Now let me share with you how Google Analytics works and why do we need to add it on our blog.

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google which provides statistics and helps you to track the traffic to your blog.
This service was launched by Google in the year 2005.

You can check the following data using the Google Analytics tool.

1) Visitors Online

2) Total number of visits in a day, month or over a particular time period.

3) New Users

4) Total Page views

5) Avg Session Duration

6) Countries

7) Traffic Source

8) Demographics

and many more data.

How to signup with Google Analytics?

2) Sign in with your Google account or signup if you don't have one.

3) Click on Admin.

4) In the Property column, select Create new property from the drop-down menu.

5) Now you need to specify the Account name, Website name, Website URL, Industry category etc details.

6) Click Get Tracking Id.

The Google Analytics Id for your blog will be displayed on the top.

How to add Google Analytics to Blogger?

1) Go to and sign in with your Google id.

2) On the top left choose the blog in which you want to add Google Analytics.

3) In the left menu click Settings -> Other.

4) Under Google Analytics type the Analytics tracking id.

5) Click Save Settings on the top right corner.

Just wait for few hours to track in Analytics.

How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog?

You can add Google Analytics through the MonsterInsights plugin on your WordPress blog or site. It is the most popular and the easiest way to add Analytics to WordPress
MonsterInsights offers both free and paid version. The paid version has more features but you can start with a free version as well.

Now lets see how to add Analytics through MonsterInsights plugin.

1) Install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

2) Click Insights -> Settings

3) Click "Authenticate with your Google account".

4) Sign in to your Google account and click on "Allow" .

5) On the next screen select your site and click on "Complete Authentication" button.

You have successfully added Analytics to your WordPress site.

Once you have installed Analytics it might take a few hours for the reports to be viewed. You can login to your Google Analytics account and keep a track of your blog statistics.

Google Analytics app is also available in Google Play store to make your work easy. Download it on your mobile and track your blog or site without logging in every time to your Google Analytics account.

Hope this post helps you out. Kind share this post and give your valuable feedback in the comments section.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Can I Use Infolinks With Adsense

Infolinks is one of the best alternative for Google Adsense. To know more about Infolinks check my blog on Adsense alternatives.

It is easier to get Infolinks approval in comparison to Adsense as Google is very strict in its policies. Infolinks shows in-text, in fold, in-tag, in-frame and in-article ads on the pages.

Infolinks does not require any space on your site to show ads. It converts some of the keywords on your site to links. When a user hovers over the link, an ad is popped up.

The question that comes in the mind of most of the publishers is : Can i use Infolinks and Adsense together on the same site?

Will Google suspend my Adsense account if I use Infolinks and Adsense together?

So don't worry, I will answer this question in this post.

Adsense is very strict in its policies and publishers who are using Adsense on their site need to abide with them. You can check the Adsense policies on its website.

Now coming to the above question. The answer is "Yes We Can Use Infolinks and Adsense Together".

Google Adsense is contextual whereas Infolinks is contextual text based ads. So it is absolutely safe to use these two ad networks on the same page.

The good thing is that you can use any other ad network with Adsense on your site till the time it doesn't creates any confusion among the user. It shouldn't look like the Adsense ads and confuse visitors.

You can check infolinks page for more clarity. So you can use Infolinks and Adsense together on the same site and maximize your earnings. If you see the above official page of Infolinks then you will find the Green signal to use both these ad networks on same page.

Some of the important guidelines for using Infolinks with Adsense are :

1) Make sure that the pop-ups created by hovering on Infolinks ads does not cover or hide Adsense ads.

2) Use <!– INFOLINKS_ON–>  and <!– INFOLINKS_OFF–> at the start and end of content area of  your blog. 

Conclusion: Its completely safe to show Adsense and Infolinks advertisement on the same page. Google won't ban your account for this.

Even I have used Adsense and Infolinks on the same page of my blog for quite long time.

So you can go ahead and increase the earnings from your site by using Infolinks and Adsense together. The good thing is that it doesn't slow down the loading speed of your site.

You can also check my post on Google adsense.