Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is Making Money Online Easy

Online money is a way of earning money through blogging, website, affiliate network or e-commerce. Online work or business has a biggest advantage of working from the home. You are your own boss and no need to work under anyone.

You can earn money just by working from your home.

Making money online


Definitely not!! It's not so easy as it looks to be. When you search for "Earn money online" on Google you will find hundreds of websites who guarantee for earning money online in a few hours. But friends it's not the truth. Earning money online has never been easy. If it was so easy then most of the people would have quit their jobs in order to earn from home.

It's really very difficult to find a genuine way of earning money online.

Earning money online requires patience, hard work and a strong willpower. If you want to earn money quickly then friends this is not the right platform for you. You can search for some other way of earning money.  Online money comes to only those people who have devoted their time and have worked with patience. If you are in a hurry to earn right from the beginning you won't land up anywhere. So friends be patient and just work on your blog or website with complete dedication at the beginning.

Its really not bad to think about earning money from your blog or website. But first you need to make sure if your blog or website qualifies and is eligible for that.

Ask a few questions yourself.

1) Does it have enough quality and useful content which will be liked by users ?

2) Does it have content which will compel users to re-visit my blog or website?

3) Is my blog or website mobile-friendly and optimized for faster response.

4) Do I update my website or blog regularly for visitors retention.

Friends if you have really worked hard on these points then you are on the right track. Your website or blog is eligible to earn money. I have shared on how to earn money from your website or blog through Google Adsense in my previous posts. Google Adsense is one of the most genuine ways of monetizing from your blog or website.

There are many Google Adsense alternatives but Google pays higher than any other advertising networks. But it's not so easy to get Google Adsense approval. Your blog or website needs to strictly adhere to the Adsense terms and conditions. I have seen websites which are getting good traffic but still Adsense is not approving their application. 

Many people build a website or blog just for fun and don't follow proper guidelines while designing. Later on when they apply for Adsense to earn money, their application is rejected. Hence they never get approved by Google Adsense.

There are many websites who guarantee Adsense approval in a few hours or within few days. But believe me it's not correct. Google takes a day or sometimes even more time to review and approve an application. Moreover if you once improve and rectify the points on which Adsense had rejected your website you could get your application approved next time. So always believe in yourself.

As I have already said that making money online is not very easy but if you have a passion of writing and sharing your views you can create a blog. And once your blog  has minimum 15-20 quality posts you can apply for Adsense.

Moreover you can also earn money by joining affiliate network. You need to redirect visitors from your blog or website to the site whose affiliate you are. And once a user purchases or signs-up you get paid. But friends it's not so easy. You can only earn from affiliate marketing if your blog or site is getting good traffic. It needs a lot of hard work to drive traffic to your website or blog. And no one can drive traffic in a fortnight.

Few qualities and skills that you should have to earn money online are:

  • Patience
  • Good Reading and Writing skills
  • Basic Technical Knowledge
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Social Networking and Online Marketing skills

So just don't think about earning money at the beginning. First add good quality posts and work on driving visitors. And once you have a good number of visitors to your website or blog you will identity a numbers of ways to monetize from your site.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wordpress vs Blogger

As we already know that blogging means sharing your views or opinions on a particular topic. For blogging you need to be passionate about writing.

Some people do blogging just for passing their time and they are not blogging from a business perspective. But on the other hand some people blog for earning money.
If you have a clear objective in your mind that why you are blogging, then it will be easier for you to choose between Blogger or WordPress.

First let me share something about Blogger. Blogger is a platform where you can create a blog for free without any cost. You don't need to pay for anything. Blogger platform is managed by Google. If you want to start your blog as a learner then you can join Blogger. Blogger is a good platform for creating blogs and has plenty of beautiful themes to choose from.

The reason why I said that Blogger is good for beginners is because of its simple and user-friendly interface. If you really want to learn how to blog then start from Blogger. I have discussed about how to start blogging from Blogger in my previous posts.

It's very easy to create posts in Blogger. There is no such technical expertise required. Moreover Blogger app Is also available in Google Play Store. You just need to download the  app and login with your Google account. You can create posts from the app itself and publish them online.


Moreover redirecting your custom domain to your blogger domain is also very simple. You can also purchase a domain from Google domains and redirect it to your blog. The choice is yours.
The main advantage of Blogger is that you can easily apply for Google Adsense from within.

Blogger also has a Google Adsense widget through which you can easily display Google Ads on your pages after approval. The second advantage is it's easy and quick Google search engine submission. Trust me I created my first blog through Blogger and submitted the URL very easily. My site appeared in Google search results in no time.

Now let me share about WordPress. The current stats says that there are more WordPress users in comparison to Blogger. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system. WordPress offers two types of services: self-hosted and free services. The self-hosted service is better and more reliable as you have the complete control of your blog.

There are many plans to choose from. You can choose a plan which suits your needs. WordPress offers hundreds of beautiful and attractive themes and a user is free to upload and use his own custom theme. There are thousands of plugins and tools offered by WordPress to enhance your blog. But on the other hand adding too much plugins can slow down your blog or website.

You can create any website or blog with WordPress due to its powerful and flexible online platform. Moreover WordPress is SEO friendly and provides many SEO plugins to improve the search engine visibility of your WordPress website or blog.


Moreover let me assure you that WordPress is a highly secure platform. WordPress powerful security features makes it impossible for hackers to hack WordPress powered websites or blogs.

There is also an active users forum for online help and support for WordPress members. Simply post your question and get a solution instantly. There are many official forums and several other forums as well which are run by WordPress users.

So choice is yours to choose the online platform for building your website or blog. As I have discussed earlier, choose a platform depending upon your requirement. If you want to build a website or blog which you can customize and manage completely by yourself then go for WordPress. WordPress is good for long run. But on the other hand if you want to create a blog for free then go for Blogger.

Hope this helps you out in understanding the basic differences between WordPress and Blogger.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Create a YouTube Channel Step by Step

YouTube is a video sharing platform which was created in the year 2005 and later on in year 2006 it was undertaken by Google.

Users are free to watch videos and comment or share on that video. Moreover if someone wants to upload a video he is free to do this. It can be done by just creating a channel on YouTube. Making a channel and uploading a video on that channel has become very popular now a days. 

If you go to YouTube website or app on your mobile and search for something, then you will find plenty of video related to your search. In this technical era the use of smart phones have increased extensively. People like watching video tutorials more in comparison to reading a book.

YouTube has been ranked in 2nd position by Alexa. So YouTube is the second most popular site in the world. Youtube has millions of users worldwide and people spend hours and hours viewing videos here. 

Creating a video now a days has become cheaper as there are many apps, websites and tools through which you can create a stunning video in a few minutes for free. And promoting your brand or service through YouTube can be done for free. Hence advertising on this platform is really a good solution. Just create a channel and start uploading videos. All all the video formats are supported for uploading on YouTube.

This was all about YouTube website. 

Create a Youtube channel

Now  let's learn what is a YouTube channel? 

A YouTube channel is similar to your YouTube account. A person who has an account with YouTube can create a channel very easily in a few minutes and start uploading videos. The channel serves as a homepage for the user's account.

Steps to create a YouTube channel :-

1) Go to the YouTube website

2) Click on the sign in option at the top right hand corner of the screen.

3) Now login with your Google account or sign-up if you don't have an account
4) Click on settings(gear icon) at the top right.

5) Now you will see a link to Create a channel.

6) Next you need to choose if you want to create a personal channel or business named channel.

7) Now add your brand name and click on create.

Your YouTube channel is now ready...

Youtube Channel

How to upload video on YouTube channel ?

Uploading a video on YouTube is easiest through a smart phone which has a YouTube app installed in it. The steps are:

1) Login to Youtube through your Google account and choose your channel.

2) Now, click on the video icon on the top  and choose the video from your phone's gallery.

3) Apply optional enhancements and click on Next.

4) Add the video title, description and adjust the privacy settings.

5) Click on Upload.

Once uploading is complete your video will be live in the web.
Steps to Upload videos through computer:

1) Open YouTube page on your browser.

2) Login to your account.

3) Click upload at the top of the web page.

4) Select Upload video.

5) Choose video privacy settings before uploading a video.

6) Choose the video that you want to upload from your system.

7) You can edit the basic information while the video is getting uploaded.

8) Click on Publish to finish uploading the video.

So this was how you can create a channel and upload a video on YouTube. Hope this helps you out.

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Payment Gateway Providers

What is a Payment gateway ?

A payment gateway is a service provided by an e-commerce website to collect payments from its customers through credit, debit cards or other internet banking options. A payment gateway plays an important role in e-commerce transactions authorizing payment between merchant and consumer
A good payment gateway is very essential for an e-commerce website. A payment gateway helps in building the trust of an e-commerce website. So before choosing a payment gateway you need to do a little bit research about it. Otherwise you might tend to lose your hard earned money.

It's very necessary to setup your payment gateway properly because improper configuration may lead to payment drops and due to this you may loose lots of customers. Ultimately this might lead to a significant downfall in the sales of your e-commerce website. So choosing a genuine and trustworthy payment gateway is very important.

The list of some of the best payment gateways are as follows:


2) PayPal

3) 2Checkout

4) Skrill

5) Stripe

6) Amazon payments

7) CCAvenue

8) Intamozo

7) PayTm

8) Payu

9) CitrusPay

10) EBS

Things to be kept in mind before choosing a payment gateway for your business:

a)  The service charge of the gateway provider.

b) Do you need to have a merchant account for the gateway chosen.

c) Gateway's security and fraud policies.

d) Time taken for fund settlement.

e) Quality customer support.

f) Technical integration facility.

Now let me share with you how does a payment gateway work?

a) A customer clicks on submit order.

b) Then the order is transferred to the payment gateway by the merchant.

c) Transaction is then routed to the issuing bank for the transaction authentication. Here the customer needs to choose his preferred payment option and authenticate the transaction by providing the correct card or internet banking details.

d) If the transaction goes through successfully the payment gateway sends a message to the merchant. The bank transfers the money to the payment gateway and finally the gateway transfers the money to the merchant.

This was a simple and basic structure of how a payment gateway work. Hope this helps you out.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Set Up an Online Store

Online shopping is a new generation shopping through which a user can purchase products or services directly from the seller.

The user is allowed to navigate freely through the online store and choose range of products from any seller. Once the user selects a product he needs to make payment through any of the available methods. The product is shipped from the seller within a timeline after the payment is received.
The complete process is managed by the e-commerce site from purchase to shipment of the goods and services.

The online shopping has grown extensively since the last few years. People shop online mainly due to the flexibility to choose from a wide range of products and massive discounts.

An online store is a platform where you can sell your own products or services and earn money online. An online store allows you to reach a wider group of audiences. If you are planning to setup an online store and earn money then you need to keep a few points in mind.

Firstly let's learn the difference between a hosted and self-hosted e-commerce solutions. A hosted e-commerce solution in simple words is a store which is built on a rented space digitally over the internet. Whereas a self-hosted  solution means building a store and running it from your own platform or system. In self-hosted platform you are free to customize as per your needs. You can even do the customization in hosted platform but with limited access.

You can create a free online store as well but remember that there will be limited functionality and tools. However if you purchase a premium plan you get plenty of tools to build your store and give a professional look to it. Here I will share about few sites where you can create an online store :

1) WIX : Wix offers drag and drop feature for an online store creation. You can choose from a wide range of templates and themes. You can easily integrate payment gateways, secure checkouts, taxing and shipping features on your e-commerce site.

a) Go to and sign-up to create a new account or login if you already have an account.
b) Choose a template and add your business name.
c) Click "My store" and "Manage your store".
d)  Now you can add products.
e) Select "Business setup" and add payments, shipping and store settings.
f) Next step is to Publish your site. And direct to your domain.

2) WEBNODE : Webnode is being used by almost 30 million users worldwide. Webnode offers a very user-friendly and flexible platform for setting up an online store in just a few minutes. Managing orders is very simple in Webnode and you can easily track the performance of your store by connecting to Google Analytics.
You can tryout the services of creating an online store from Webnode for free. Later on you can upgrade to a premium plan as it offers additional features.

1) Visit
2) Click on Menu at the top right hand corner.
3) Click on Online store and then on Get Started.
4) Enter website name, email ID and password and click on Create an account
5) Then choose a template and click on choose.
6) Choose to setup your online store
7) After this step you will get the dashboard where you can customize the store's look and feel as per your requirements.

3) SHOPIFY: Shopify is a renowned online store building platform which offers many advantages like easy drag and drop facility, mobile friendly sites, Optimization and promoting of store etc. It's easy to build and manage a store online with Shopify.
There are also many additional tools provided by Shopify for enhancing your business like logo maker, QR code generator, business name generator.

You can visit for more details.

Once your products are added to the store the other important job is to setup a payment gateway. Many online store builders provide option to sign-up for the payment gateway from within their site. If this option is not available you can integrate your own payment gateway. I will highlight a few authentic payment gateways and the process to sign-up in my next post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Create Free Logo for your Website

First of all, What is a Logo?

A logo is a small graphic or symbol which serves as an identification for a business or website.
A logo is very important as it creates the first impression in the minds of your users. Many people remember the brand or the business from their logo.

Therefore a good logo is very necessary for a website or business. If you get a logo designed by a professional designer it will cost you a good amount of money but there are places from where you can get it for free.

The professional designers will take some time to design a logo for you but if you do it online, your logo will be ready in 2-3 minutes. Isn't it surprising friends ?
But let me assure you that it is the truth. In this post I will share the names of websites where you can create and download a logo absolutely free.

The websites where you can create a free logo are:


Through this site you can create a free logo for your website or business in just a few minutes. You just need to enter your business name and choose among the various designs. After doing this your logo will be prepared and sent to you through email instantly.


Logaster allows you to create a quality logo by just providing your business name and slogan. After entering these your logo will be generated automatically and you can download it for free.


Onlinelogomaker is also a simple, powerful and fast platform to create an awesome logo in a few minutes. You can choose among the various fonts and templates for designing your logo. The logo will be downloaded in 300px for free. However if you want a high resolution logo then you can go for the premium pack.


Logocrisp offers more than ten thousand designs for creating a logo. You just need to enter your company name and category. After providing these details you can choose from the widest range of logos which suits you business.
These are the places where you can get a free logo for your business. So go ahead and grab one now.

So, go ahead and create a beautiful and attractive professional looking logo for your business or website from the above sites.

Feel free to share your comments and valuable feedback.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Create a Facebook or Twitter page for business

The total active users on Facebook in the year 2018 has reached 2.23 billion and this makes Facebook as one of the leaders of social networking platform.

So there can't  be a better place to advertise and promote your product, services or business than Facebook. You can reach more and more audiences through this platform. Facebook has always been the favorite platform for all generations due to its simplicity and fast interface.

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page is a platform for businesses, companies, brands and public identities to share their success stories and connect to people.
A Facebook business page can be created by anyone. Unlike Facebook personal account, a business page can also be created absolutely free.

Create a Facebook Page

How to create a Facebook page?

Here I will demonstrate the steps which you need to follow while creating a facebook business page.
1) Go to the link: and click on the Create a Page on the top right hand corner.
2) Choose among the two options on the next page: Business or brand/Community or public figure. If you want to create a page for your business or brand promotion then click on the first option.
3) Then click on sign-up to create an account or login if you already have an account.
4) Fill basic details like your page name and choose business category.
5) Next you need to provide your address and mobile number and click next.
6) Then on next page upload a profile picture. In the next option Facebook will ask you to invite your friends to visit your page. You can do it later on as well.
7) Next add your website's link and click continue as and you are done. If you want to change or edit the page, go to settings.

How to create a twitter page?

Create a Twitter Page

1) Go to twitter homepage:
2) Then on the homepage enter your basic details like name, email address and password.
3) Next type the username for your business and click on Create my account.
4) Then click on Confirm your account. You will receive a verification email from twitter. Click on the link in the email to verify and you are done.
5) Now you need to setup your account.  So click on profile. Add profile picture, change that theme if you wish to and then add followers. 

So this is how you can create a business page on Facebook or twitter social networking sites. A Facebook page is the best platform to promote your services, website or blog online.

Through Facebook you will get a good number of customers or users for your website or business.

Hope this helps you out. Kindly share your comments below.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Create a Free Blog in Blogger

First of all, What is a Blog? 

A blog is an online information and discussion website where a person or group of person shares their opinions and views on a particular topic.
A blog comprises of a number of posts with the recent posts on the top.
Creating a blog is very easy and a good source of income if you are passionate to write and share your views. Blogs which have quality and useful posts are always liked by readers and get the maximum number of views.
You can start your own blog and share your views with the world. Readers love reading blogs which are of original content and meaningful.

How to set up a blog in blogger?

Creating a blog is very easy and your blog will be live in 10-15 minutes.
First of all choosing a platform to build your blog is more important. Because if you don't choose a correct and reliable platform, all your hard work can go down the drain. Just imagine how much time you spend writing blogs and suppose your blog is suspended due to some issues then what will be your situation. You will be totally depressed and would even quit writing more blogs. An inner fear of again losing your blog posts might keep you worrying all the time, even if you choose a new platform to build your blog.

So before starting some new project or signing up on a website it's always good to do some online research.As per the online research and reviews I found that WordPress is a good platform for creating blogs with professional look and more features. WordPress is used widely all over the world to create blogs due to its reliability and multiple features. There are a plenty of themes to choose from and lot many widgets to embed on your blog. WordPress has flexible and affordable plans to choose from for serious blog writers. I always recommend to create a blog with a purchased domain name and hosting.

But if you are have low budget and want to start with a free blog then go for Blogger platform. Blogger is an online blogging platform which is owned and managed by Google. The images on blogger are hosted by Picasa. It is very easy to create a blog through Blogger.
I will share the steps for creation of a blog through Blogger. The interface of Blogger is very simple and user-friendly.

1) First of all go to the link:

Create a free blog in Blogger

2) The next step is to login in your Google account or sign-up if you don't have one.

3) After logging in click on Create a free blog.

4) Enter a name and domain for your blog. Always choose a name which matches with your theme. The domain name depends upon availability and you would be getting a domain like

Create a free blog in Blogger

5) Then you need to choose a template for your blog. Choose any of the template and remember you can change it later on.

6) Now click on "Create blog" and you are done.

After you have finished the above steps, you will reach the dashboard of Blogger. Here you will see a number of options on the left side of the dashboard.

Let me just brief the most important options which you would be using quite often.

a)  Posts : You can add new posts and view your published posts here.

b) Pages : You can add new pages in your blog and change the necessary settings from this option.

c) Stats : You can check the statistics of your blog like sources from where you are getting traffic and total number of visits, country from where you are getting clicks,  system information and the browser information as well of your visitors.

d) Earnings : You can apply for your Google adsense account from this link and start earning from your blog.

e) Layout : You can change the layout of your blog and add widgets from this section.

f) Settings : You can redirect or connect your blog to a domain name that you own from somewhere else. Moreover you can increase your website visibility and submit your site from Google search console through this section.

So this was all about how to create a blog in blogger step by step. Once your blog is created remember to update it regularly with new posts. This will increase your search engine ranking and visibility.

Keep sharing only rich content posts and avoid violating any Google policies to avoid ban of your blog.

Once your blog is live for 6 months and contains a good number of quality and interesting posts(min- 20 posts), then you can apply for Google Adsense program and start earning. 

Domain Forwarding and Masking

First of all, What is Domain Forwarding and Masking ?

Domain Forwarding  in simple terms is a mechanism by which a web page redirects a visitor to another website location or another page.

When a domain is forwarded to another web page, the domain name disappears and the URL of the new page or forwarded page is displayed on the address bar of  the browser.
The domain name redirects itself to the site and no script or HTML is required to do this.

GoDaddy offers free Domain Forwarding feature with its domain name. This feature is helpful for those people who have a great desire to create a website with a custom domain but have low budget. In that case a website or blog can be created online using the online website builders with a free plan.When your website is ready and you publish it you will get a custom domain name, example:

In the above case you are saving on the additional Web Hosting costs. Now you just need to purchase a Domain name from the registrars online and enable the Domain forwarding facility. Suppose you have purchased a Domain name : and redirect it to Hence, now your website that you had created can be accessed from the domain name that you have purchased.

But let me also share with you that Free hosting is not reliable and secure. Always go for a paid domain name and hosting plan.

But the only drawback behind this feature is that after your website is redirected,  the URL that will be visible on the top of your browser will be the forwarded page URL. But there is a solution to this as well which I will be share next. Here comes the role of Domain Masking. But before that Let me guide you how to do domain forwarding through GoDaddy. The step by step process is given below:

1) Go to GoDaddy page and login with your username and password.

2) Go to the DNS Management page and scroll down to Forwarding.

3) Click on Add just next to Domain. Enter your domain name that you have purchased.

4) Select http:// or https:// under Forward to.

5) Enter the URL that you want to redirect your domain to.

6) Select Forward type: Permanent( 301) or Temporary(302).

7) Select Settings : Forward only

8) Check Update my DNS setting to support this change.

9) Click Save.

Now lets see, how does Domain masking work

Domain masking is a feature through which you can hide the actual domain name of a website and the URL visible in the user's browser will be only the URL that he has actually typed. Domain masking prevents the forwarded domain or sub-domain  from displaying in the browser's address bar.
This gives a more professional look to your website as your users won't be able to see the custom domain name.

For enabling this feature you need to follow the same first six steps that I have listed above. There will be a slight change in the 7th step. Here you just need to choose option Forward with masking. After selecting this enter the Title, Description and Keywords fields.
Then follow the 8th and 9th step to apply the settings.

But it is believed that Domain masking is not good and affects SEO. Actually masking uses a framed forwarding for hiding the real URL and this creates a bad user experience. The page which is framed has the actual content and hence only this page is likely to get indexed by search engines.
So I would advice you to avoid using Domain masking.

Hope this helps you out. Please share your feedback or comments below.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

What is Google Adsense and how to make money

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is an advertisement network which was launched in the year 2003 and is managed by Google. It is a program through which website publishers or owners display targeted video, text or image ads on the pages of their website and get paid when view or click on the ads.
Google provides codes which a website publisher needs to paste it on his site wherever he wants to display the Google ed ads. Google offers code for many different kinds of ad formats and sizes. You just need to select the appropriate size or layout and paste the code onto your website. The publisher gets paid on a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google Adsense is completely free to join and is a very simple program. It is one of the most trusted and leading advertisement network. It enables website publishers to customize ads as per their requirement and display on their site.

Some points to be kept in mind before you apply for Adsense

There are a few mandatory things which should be kept in mind before applying for Google Adsense. Firstly, your site's content should be original and not copied from any other website. Moreover the content should be meaningful and understandable. 

If you just search on Google you will find that there are plenty of sites with the same topic that you have on your website or blog. So my advice for this would be that keep your content unique and original. This will strengthen your approval process. 

The next thing that should be kept in mind is to keep the navigation throughout your site simple.

A custom domain name and a custom email ID is necessary for an Adsense application approval. For example your domain name should be and not a subdomain like

The reason behind this is that Google wants their ads to display on websites whose domain name is professional.

Moreover do not place text links which compel your users to click on it. This can lead to rejection of your Adsense application rejection.
Also before applying make sure you have 3 mandatory pages in your site: Contact us, About us and Privacy policy.

Google is very strict in its policies and doesn't want it's users to violate it in any way. Because this can impact the Google's image. So before applying for Adsense kindly go through the Adsense
terms and conditions.

If you are a website publisher and want to earn money online from your website through Adsense then, design accordingly as per the Adsense approval criteria.

This was all about Adsense account approval process. But let me share with you that Google can ban or block your approved Adsense account if you violate the terms and conditions. Many of the publishers account gets banned because they ask their friends to open their website and click on the ads. They think that Google won't be able to identify this because the sites are opened from different IP addresses. But Google is very smart to catch these activities. So always try to be full honest if you want to really earn some money from Adsense.

Signup for Google Adsense

How to apply for Google Adsense ?

The application process for Adsense is very simple.

1) Go to signup page for Google Adsense.

2) The next step is to fill in your website's details like the URL and your email ID. If you have a gmail account then you can login directly or sign-up if you don't have one.

3) Then you need to provide your address and verify your phone number.

4) Submit your application.

After you have submitted the application Adsense takes 1-2 days to review your application. If your application complies with Adsense terms and conditions then Google will send you an activation email.
Once this is done you can login in your Adsense account and get access to the codes for publishing ads on your site.

What if my application gets rejected?

I have seen many bloggers who quit to continue writing blogs if their Adsense account gets disapproved. But let me tell you one thing that this is not the end. An application which has been rejected can be resubmitted again and again. You just need to work on the rejection points and improve your site accordingly. Don't resubmit your application instantly. Just check the rejection points and you can even mail Adsense and get clarity on it.

You can even apply for other advertising networks if you are getting rejected every time. There are many other ad networks who pay good amount to the publishers for placing their ads on their site's. So don't get demotivated because life has no end. Every failure is a path to new beginning.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Submitting Your Site to Google for Indexing

Submit your site to Google for free

So, once you reach this page of my blog I am pretty sure that you have finally completed writing your blog or website. Now it's time for others to see your blog as well and learn. 

If you have a strong faith that your blog or website has some useful and quality content that people will love reading, then go ahead and submit your site to search engines. You can submit your site to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for indexing.

Add my website to Google

Now let me first share with you that what is indexing?

In a simple language,  Indexing means adding of web pages to Google Search.
Depending upon the meta tag Google will crawl and index your page.

Before going ahead let's learn the meaning of two important terms:

1) CRAWLING : It the process by which Google visits a website for tracking purpose.

2) INDEXING : It is the process of adding a site's web pages to Google Search.

Google follows the links of the website and crawls your website through spiders.
So after crawling is done Google adds the pages of your website or blog to Google Search index.

You can submit your site to Google in two ways:

1) Add an updated Sitemap.

2) Submit an indexing request to Google.

So firstly you need to open the link of Google Search Console.

The next step is to login through your Google account or sign-up if you don't have one. 

Then click on Add a Property and type your homepage URL in the box. Now you need to verify your site.
This can be done by 3 ways:

a) HTML file: Upload an Html file to your website.

b) CNAME or TXT Record: Add a CNAME or TXT record through your domain settings.

c) HTML code: Simply paste a small piece of HTML code to the header section of your site's homepage.

You can choose any of the 3 above options to verify your site.

Moreover submitting a sitemap is also necessary for indexing purpose. To do this click on Crawl link and then on Sitemaps. Then type the sitemap location of your website in the box. Then finally click on submit.

Also set the target country by selecting the country from where you would like to get your target visitors.

The Google Indexing process takes time between 4 days to upto 4 weeks to get a site crawled and indexed. You can request for indexing of your website from Fetch as Google link. And check the status of your site's indexing from 'Index status' link under "Google Index".

How to check if your site has been added to Google?

Check if your site has been added to Google or not quickly. You just need to open Google search and type your website's URL and add site: before the URL in the search box and hit enter.

Let me demonstrate this with an example of my site. 

If your site is still not added to Google search engine you can re-submit it again.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SEO and Digital Marketing

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a technique by which the number of visitors or traffic to a website can be increased by getting a high rank in the search engine results like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO improves the visibility of a website in search engines.
Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content of your website so that the search engines shows it at the top of the search results.
The majority of the people today are using Google Search engine. And the top five results get the maximum number of clicks. This is the reason why search engine optimization is important for a website.

There are some techniques which will help you improve SEO of your website. I have listed a few of them:

1) Quality, useful and compelling content

The content of your website should be of high quality and relevant. This helps in increasing your page ranking in search engine results, as Google only shows those websites on top who content in the most relevant.

2) Improve your website speed

The time taken by a site to load completely in a browser is known as the website speed. Users expect a site to load in a few seconds and most of them cancel the page due to slow speed. A simple designed website with optimized images takes lesser time to load in the browser and enhances user experience.

3) Update your site regularly

Update your website content regularly and keep including relevant updates. This helps in building interest among the users and Google keeps those pages on the top in results page. Users like visiting the websites which have something fresh and new to read.

4) Outbound links

Outbound links are links to external websites from the pages of your website.  A quality outbound link helps to create trust and improve your search engine ranking. Avoid using too many outbound links as it can annoy your users. 

5) Remove errors and broken links

A broken link is a link to a page or resource which actually doesn't exist. At times this can be very annoying and avoid visitors to continue to your site. There are many tools and sites which help you to discover broken links and fix them. Hence removal of broken is essential for improving search engine ranking.

6) Easy navigation and layout

The navigation and layout of a website should be kept simple. If the navigation to the others pages on your website is complicated,  then users might not visit your site again. So keep the navigation menu simple and understandable.

7) Social media sharing 

Use of social media sharing options on your website will increase the traffic and improve ranking. You can add buttons to share the content on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ .etc

8) Mobile friendly 

A website compatible with mobile phone browser creates interest among users as majority of the internet users use mobile browsing. Majority of the websites traffic gets drastic decrease as they are non mobile friendly. Google has a Mobile Friendly Test to check if your site is mobile friendly or not. So it's really important to make a mobile phone compatible website. Most of the website builders offer mobile version development as well.

Just keep these points in mind while creating a website and you will definitely get better results.

Disadvantages of Free Domain Names

Free Domain Name Vs Paid Domain Name

A domain name is an address or identification for your website. So a short and custom domain name is always better than a free one.

There are many websites which offer free domain name as well. But those domain name are long and not memorable. Some website builders offer free domain name, for example:

These domain names does look professional and has less users. Moreover,  the major drawback with a free domain name is that they do not get indexed by Google and are not listed in search engines.

A free domain is SEO unfriendly. The other drawback is that a free domain name is never approved by Google Adsense due to its unprofessional impression.

A free domain name is only for limited period and it's services end after some time. After that you need to pay for continuation of the service. So you might end up loosing all your visitors, search engine optimizations, back links etc after the time period has ended. The ownership is a major concern for a free domain name as the free domain provider is the actual owner of the website.

The free domain provider places ads on your website in return for using it's services. This creates a negative impact and unprofessional look. Moreover if you choose a paid domain you are eligible for premium technical and customer support to resolve your issues. But this is lacking in a free domain name or hosting.

So, it's always correct to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar. Moreover, you should also get a custom email ID for your website as it is more attractive. Custom email ID means

There are many online websites which provides custom domain names at attractive price. You also get a number of additional features and services along with the domain name, just by paying a little extra money.

So always choose a paid domain name for your website.

Hope this helps you out. Kindly share your comments below.

Tips for Creating a Successful Website

In this digital world, creating a website or a blog has become very easy by the use of online website builders. The reason is because of their easy, simple and user-friendly interface.

Now building a website or a blog is very easy and fast.

But creating a successful website or a blog is a big challenge for new users. By successful website I mean to say " A website with huge traffic". But friends, if you just focus on a few aspects, you can also create a good and successful website or blog.

There are a few mandatory points which should be kept in mind while creating a website. Website development is an art and you will get the right targeted visitors only when you follow these steps.

1) Choose the Right Template : The template which you choose for your website should be clean and nicely colored. Don't choose templates which are very flashy and sharp. Simple templates are easy to load and enhances user experience.

2) Content Management : The content of a website decides it's success. So the content of your website should be relevant and meaningful. A website with content which is not appropriate as per the theme of the website lacks in traffic. Hence, the theme of your website should match with content. Moreover, the content should be updated regularly so that users keep visiting your website. This also increases the website ranking and search engine ranking as well. Always avoid repetition of content on your website pages.

3) Use of Graphics and Images : It is believed that graphics or images help in building interest among the readers. You may have experienced this as well. A novel or a book without any images or pictures make that reader bored. But if there are pictures which connect to the text,  then it creates interest among the readers. So, use of pictures and graphics is a good idea and helps in visitor retention.

4) Simple Navigation : Navigation is a way to guide the users where to find what and how much content is available. The navigation to the pages of your website should be kept simple and easy. It is very important to keep the menu navigation simple and understandable. If the navigation is complex then users will not visit your website again. A simple navigation creates good user experience and connectivity.

5) Mobile Friendly : The advancement in mobile technology has limited the use of computers or laptops. Now-a-days people do majority of their work through mobile phones. So, a website which is mobile friendly and readable on mobile phone's browser gets good number of visitors. Many website builders offer design of mobile version as well. So this should be kept in mind while website development or there are chances of losing potential customers.

6) Secure Website : This factor is mainly for online stores or e-commerce websites where you are collecting payments from your users. Users will never enter their financial information on a website which appears insecure. So get a SSL certification and security certificates from leading internet security providers like Norton or McAfee. This will create a trust and a legitimate impression of your website.

7) Search Engine Optimization : Search engine optimization is essential as it leads to optimization of your website  in the search engines to get better results from search. Search engine optimization generates huge and quality traffic to your website. So it is very important for improving page ranks and making a website successful.

I believe this helps you out in understanding how to create a successful website. However you can check the other posts on this blog for learning how to promote and generate traffic to your website or blog.

Kindly share your comments below.

How to Earn Money Online With Your Website

How good would it be if your website or blog is generating MONEY for you?

The answer to this question would be "HOW". Web developers would really love to earn regular income from their website. 

Generating income from a website is good. But it shouldn't be your prime motto at the beginning. Firstly you should think from a user perspective.

How irritated would you feel when you are not able to find the correct answer to your question while searching online.

So it is very necessary to focus on the content of your website or blog and build a website with a motive of helping others. If you create a good website with rich and helpful content then no one can stop you from generating income from it. 

Don't take me wrong friends..Its not bad to think of earning money from your website. But first its necessary to build something which is unique and helpful.

I will just guide you how you can earn money from your website or blog.

There are many ways through which you can earn money genuinely from your website or blog. I have listed a few of them for your reference :-

1) JOIN AFFILIATE MARKETING: Affiliate marketing means displaying the ads of third party website or products on your website or blog, and getting paid when a user purchases or signs-up. The affiliate membership is free and once you register you can access the codes which you can paste on your website in order to display the ads.

Some of the most recommended affiliate networks are:

  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank
  • Ebay

2) SETUP AN ONLINE STORE: Setup an online store and showcase your products or services. Setting up an online store through online website builders is very easy. This can be done by using the drag and drop mechanism. You can also integrate your payment gateway easily in order to complete the purchases.
Moreover if you are a good writer, you can write e-books and sell them on your website. You can earn good money because your customers will be directly purchasing from you. There is no middle man involved.

3) CREATE A BLOG: Creating a blog is very simple and can be done by anyone who wants to share his ideas and views. Blogging is a very good idea to share your knowledge or opinions on a particular topic. The only thing that should be kept in the mind is that you should always post quality contents. Once your blog is liked by users, your blog's traffic will increase. After this you can go ahead and sign-up for Google Adsense program and start earning money from your blog.

4) JOIN GOOGLE ADSENSE: Join Google Adsense program and earn money by displaying Google ads on your website. Adsense is one of the best ways of monetizing from your blog or website. But before applying for Google Adsense kindly go through the Adsense terms and conditions. Because Google is very strict in its policies. A website which doesn't meet the Adsense criteria is rejected. However you can again re-submit the application after working on the rejection points.
You get paid each time someone clicks on the Google Ads. If you have a huge traffic to your site, you can earn thousands of dollars every month from Adsense program.

5) OFFER MEMBERSHIPS: You can setup membership area on your website where users will be able to access premium content after logging in. So, if your users love your website then they would definitely pay for additional benefits.This all depends upon the traffic of your website.
You can setup a plan or membership fee for availing the premium benefits.This will not only increase your income but also drive more traffic to your site.

6) SELL YOUR AD SPACE: If you are getting a huge traffic to your website or blog then you can share a portion of your website or blog for advertising other websites and companies and re-directing traffic. You can generate good income by re-directing visitors to the other websites.
These are a few genuine ways by which you can make money online from your blog or website. So if you own a website or blog which has a good traffic then you can tryout these methods and generate income.

7)  COLLECT DONATION: If you are getting huge traffic to your site and have an appealing content, then you can request for donations from your visitors.
Donations won't make you rich but still it will help you to cover your web-hosting and domain name costs. You can get donations buttons from PayPal. Just register an account with PayPal and create a button for your website.

Hope this helps you out.

Kindly share your feedback and comments below.

How to add Widgets to a Website

What is a Widget?

A Widget is a third-party application which can be embedded on a website through a code. These widgets occupy a small space on your website and display useful information. Widgets often attract users and compel them to visit the website again.

These widgets can be embedded by pasting the code in the Html section of the website.
There are many widgets which are available on the internet like visitor tracker, online users, ticket bookings, clock, weather widget, etc. In order to get the code you just need to provide a few information about your website. And once you save the code in the Html section of your website and publish, your widget will be visible.

If you search on the web you can also get a handful of sites who provide you widget codes without any registration. Its better to use those sites for getting the widget code. There are also many sites who give you code for the required widget but in turn put some ads for their publicity on your website. I would recommend you not to use such sites for generating widget codes, because such ads give an unprofessional look to your website.

You can even add chat rooms, chat bots and online discussion forums on your website. These tools make your website more interactive. They are also available in the form of codes. Moreover social networking widgets are also available which helps you to increase traffic to your website.

Its always recommended to use less widgets on your website or blog because, use of more widgets might lower your sites's performance. Since widgets might not load properly on slower connection and might display some error messages on that part of the web page.

Always try to use widgets from authentic and genuine websites only.

Choose a Domain Name

What is a Domain name ?

A Domain name is an identification or address for your website. A domain name is always unique.  Your customers will be directed to your website when they type the URL or Domain name in their browser.

The next step after you choose an appropriate website builder is to choose a domain name.
Always choose a domain name matching the theme of your website. Never choose a long or confusing domain names which can't be remembered easily. A short and meaningful domain name is always a good choice and the website gets lots of visitors.

A good, short and meaningful domain name has quality visitors and enhances the impression of the website or business.

Choosing a domain name is very easy. You will find a large number of registrars on the internet who provide domain names. Just go to the registrar's website and search for your domain name. You can choose among the various extensions like .Com, . Net, .Online, .Biz, .Edu, .In etc. The price of the domain name is also shown along with the availability. You can choose the domain name and register it for 1 year to 10 years duration. The registrars also offers a number of other features like custom email address, shared hosting solutions, SSL Certificates, hiding registration details etc for additional cost.

The most popular and reliable domain name and hosting providers are:

1) GoDaddy : GoDaddy is one of the world's largest Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. It has approximately 17 million customers worldwide. It provides services like domain name, web hosting, business emails, SSL Certificates, website builder, website security etc. It has a dedicated and world class customer support.

2) BigRock : BigRock is a leading domain name registrar in India. It provides website solutions to small businesses and individuals. It also provides hosting and domain names at an affordable price. It provides services like domain name, hosting, business email, cloud for business, G Suite etc.

3) Google Domains : Google Domains is a domain registration service which is managed by Google. It is currently in Beta stage. It offers domain registration, as well as few more services like private domain registration, DNS hosting, dynamic DNS, domain forwarding and email forwarding at no additional cost.

4) Hostgator : Hostgator offers domain names, web hosting, SSL Certificate, SiteLock and CodeGuard services to its users. It is a provider of shared, re seller, vps and dedicated web hosting services. You can search, register, transfer and manage your domain names with Hostgator.

5) BlueHost : Bluehost is one of the world's largest web hosting providers and it powers millions of websites. It provides world class WordPress web hosting solutions.
Bluehost provides affordable packages with free domain name and quality customer support.
It provides unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, high performance servers, 99.9 % guaranteed up-time, 24/7 customer support etc.

Many websites also provide free domain names. But a free domain name is not good and doesn't have search engine visibility. So its always better to choose a paid domain name because it increases your website's search engine visibility and retention of visitors.

The above registrars also provide hosting plans as well where websites created through offline software and applications can be hosted. Hosting is nothing but providing of a sufficient space to store your website files. Hosting is not required for websites created through online website builders.

6 Tips for choosing a domain name

1) Keep it short : Choose a domain name which is short and easy to remember. If your domain name is long then there are high chances of your customers mistyping it.

2) Use Keywords : Use keywords which matches with the theme of your business, because it improves your page ranking and hence increases traffic to your site.

3) Avoid hyphens and numbers: Choose a domain name without a hyphen or number because this creates confusions in typing. Users may forget to type the number or hyphen and may get re-directed to a different site.

4) Easy to type : Choose a domain name which easy to type and avoid using slang because it makes it difficult to find your site.

5) Choose the right Domain name extension : Whenever you choose a domain name you will be shown availability of different extensions like .com, .online, .biz, .net, .edu, .org etc. Its always advisable to choose a .com extension as it is the best and easy to remember.

6) Take help from domain name generators: Take the help of a domain name generator for choosing a domain name. You just need to type a keyword and they would give you plenty of  suggested domain names.

I believe this helps you out in choosing a right domain name.

Kindly share this post or comment below if it has been useful for you.

Choose a Website Building Platform

First of all, what is a website builder?

There are two ways by which you can build your website:-

1) ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDERS : Online website builders is a good option for those people who are not tech savvy and do not have any coding language expertise. A custom website can be a bit expensive with additional cost of annual maintenance and updation. For this you need to hire a programmer. But by paying just a small annual charge you can create a profession and premium website in minutes using the online website builder.

Online website builders have almost all the features and tools which are required to create a personal or business website. You just need to signup and create an account. At beginning you can start with a free plan wherein you will get a sub domain with limited features. But after you purchase a plan you will unlock many features which will make your website look more professional.

Some of the features that you get in a premium plans are custom domain name, search engine optimization, removal of ads etc. Initially when you signup with a free plan you may miss enjoying the premium features.

Online website builders are a perfect solution for individuals with low budget. Here I have listed a few website builders which are being used mostly all across the globe. 

A) WORDPRESS : Wordpress is an online open source website creation tool written in PHP. You can create a stunning and secure website in a few steps through Wordpress. It is easy to create and mange your website through Wordpress. There are plenty of beautiful themes to choose from. You can start with a free plan but there will be limited features. But later on you can choose from Personal, Premium or Business Plans depending upon your requirement.


B) WEEBLY : Weebly offers a powerful online platform for creating high quality websites, blogs or online stores. The website builder is very easy to use and has a number of features and tools for creating a website or blog. There are many professional themes which will create a great impression for your website users. Moreover you can connect your own custom domain to your website. Weebly offers a simple drag and drop feature through which you can create a stunning website without any knowledge of programming languages. Weebly also offers premium plans for users who need additional functionality.


C) WEBNODE : Webnode is one of the most commonly used website builder due to its unique features. Though Webnode you can create an amazing website in a few minutes. But many of the tools are unavailable in their free plan. There are a number of beautiful themes to choose from the templates. Unlike other website building platforms Webnode also has drag and drop mechanism. You can create Business and e-commerce websites easily through Webnode. Webnode is being used by millions of users all over the world for their website development and management.


D) YOLA : Yola is a powerful online website builder and hosting company which offers website development without any programming or designing knowledge. You do not need to have any html expertise for embedding widgets into your website. Yola provides a number of tools for online website creation. You can simply copy and paste codes to add a particular widget onto your website. Initially you can start with a free plan where you will get a subdomain and a limitation to create only three pages in your websites. But after you signup for a paid plan like Bronze, Silver or Gold depending upon your use, you will get additional features like adding unlimited pages, removing yola branding, search engine optimization , professional emails, custom domain names etc.


E) WIX : Wix is an Israeli cloud-based web development platform for creating Html5 and mobile sites. Wix is also a good platform for building a professional website due to its additional functionalities. Wix offers features like drag and drop, custom domain and mobile optimization. Creating an online store is also easy through Wix platform.


F) GOOGLE SITES : Google Sites is an online web creation tool offered by Google. It also offers many professional themes to match with the content of your website and support for embedding Html and JavaScript. It also offers powerful online builder platform for creating websites.

Google Sites

G) SITE123 : SITE123 is an easy to use website builder which allows you to create a professional website without the help of a coder. It is a simple and user friendly platform with plenty of powerful tools to enhance the quality of your website. You can create mobile friendly sites and online stores with an ease. You can develop a website through SITE123 in just 3 steps.

2) OFFLINE WEBSITE BUILDERS :  Websites can be developed offline but it requires programming language expertise. Web pages can be created in .Net, PHP or HTML formats through  a number of  applications and Software. Offline websites are more secure and the user has the complete control and ownership of the website. This is a more reliable method of website development and is mostly used by businesses and companies. After designing of the website through the software, you need to host it on the server. You can do this by buying a hosting and domain name plan from any domain registrars.

However the ultimate decision is yours and you can plan according to your budget and requirement.