Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Choose a Website Building Platform

First of all, what is a website builder?

There are two ways by which you can build your website:-

1) ONLINE WEBSITE BUILDERS : Online website builders is a good option for those people who are not tech savvy and do not have any coding language expertise. A custom website can be a bit expensive with additional cost of annual maintenance and updation. For this you need to hire a programmer. But by paying just a small annual charge you can create a profession and premium website in minutes using the online website builder.

Online website builders have almost all the features and tools which are required to create a personal or business website. You just need to signup and create an account. At beginning you can start with a free plan wherein you will get a sub domain with limited features. But after you purchase a plan you will unlock many features which will make your website look more professional.

Some of the features that you get in a premium plans are custom domain name, search engine optimization, removal of ads etc. Initially when you signup with a free plan you may miss enjoying the premium features.

Online website builders are a perfect solution for individuals with low budget. Here I have listed a few website builders which are being used mostly all across the globe. 

A) WORDPRESS : Wordpress is an online open source website creation tool written in PHP. You can create a stunning and secure website in a few steps through Wordpress. It is easy to create and mange your website through Wordpress. There are plenty of beautiful themes to choose from. You can start with a free plan but there will be limited features. But later on you can choose from Personal, Premium or Business Plans depending upon your requirement.

B) WEEBLY : Weebly offers a powerful online platform for creating high quality websites, blogs or online stores. The website builder is very easy to use and has a number of features and tools for creating a website or blog. There are many professional themes which will create a great impression for your website users. Moreover you can connect your own custom domain to your website. Weebly offers a simple drag and drop feature through which you can create a stunning website without any knowledge of programming languages. Weebly also offers premium plans for users who need additional functionality.

C) WEBNODE : Webnode is one of the most commonly used website builder due to its unique features. Though Webnode you can create an amazing website in a few minutes. But many of the tools are unavailable in their free plan. There are a number of beautiful themes to choose from the templates. Unlike other website building platforms Webnode also has drag and drop mechanism. You can create Business and e-commerce websites easily through Webnode. Webnode is being used by millions of users all over the world for their website development and management.

D) YOLA : Yola is a powerful online website builder and hosting company which offers website development without any programming or designing knowledge. You do not need to have any html expertise for embedding widgets into your website. Yola provides a number of tools for online website creation. You can simply copy and paste codes to add a particular widget onto your website. Initially you can start with a free plan where you will get a subdomain and a limitation to create only three pages in your websites. But after you signup for a paid plan like Bronze, Silver or Gold depending upon your use, you will get additional features like adding unlimited pages, removing yola branding, search engine optimization , professional emails, custom domain names etc.

E) WIX : Wix is an Israeli cloud-based web development platform for creating Html5 and mobile sites. Wix is also a good platform for building a professional website due to its additional functionalities. Wix offers features like drag and drop, custom domain and mobile optimization. Creating an online store is also easy through Wix platform.

F) GOOGLE SITES : Google Sites is an online web creation tool offered by Google. It also offers many professional themes to match with the content of your website and support for embedding Html and JavaScript. It also offers powerful online builder platform for creating websites.

G) SITE123 : SITE123 is an easy to use website builder which allows you to create a professional website without the help of a coder. It is a simple and user friendly platform with plenty of powerful tools to enhance the quality of your website. You can create mobile friendly sites and online stores with an ease. You can develop a website through SITE123 in just 3 steps.

2) OFFLINE WEBSITE BUILDERS :  Websites can be developed offline but it requires programming language expertise. Web pages can be created in .Net, PHP or HTML formats through  a number of  applications and Software. Offline websites are more secure and the user has the complete control and ownership of the website. This is a more reliable method of website development and is mostly used by businesses and companies. After designing of the website through the software, you need to host it on the server. You can do this by buying a hosting and domain name plan from any domain registrars.

However the ultimate decision is yours and you can plan according to your budget and requirement.

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