Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Create Free Logo for your Website

First of all, What is a Logo?

A logo is a small graphic or symbol which serves as an identification for a business or website.
A logo is very important as it creates the first impression in the minds of your users. Many people remember the brand or the business from their logo.

Therefore a good logo is very necessary for a website or business. If you get a logo designed by a professional designer it will cost you a good amount of money but there are places from where you can get it for free.

The professional designers will take some time to design a logo for you but if you do it online, your logo will be ready in 2-3 minutes. Isn't it surprising friends ?
But let me assure you that it is the truth. In this post I will share the names of websites where you can create and download a logo absolutely free.

The websites where you can create a free logo are:

1) Freelogodesign.org

Through this site you can create a free logo for your website or business in just a few minutes. You just need to enter your business name and choose among the various designs. After doing this your logo will be prepared and sent to you through email instantly.

2) Logaster.com

Logaster allows you to create a quality logo by just providing your business name and slogan. After entering these your logo will be generated automatically and you can download it for free.

3) Onlinelogomaker.com

Onlinelogomaker is also a simple, powerful and fast platform to create an awesome logo in a few minutes. You can choose among the various fonts and templates for designing your logo. The logo will be downloaded in 300px for free. However if you want a high resolution logo then you can go for the premium pack.

4) Logocrisp.com

Logocrisp offers more than ten thousand designs for creating a logo. You just need to enter your company name and category. After providing these details you can choose from the widest range of logos which suits you business.
These are the places where you can get a free logo for your business. So go ahead and grab one now.

So, go ahead and create a beautiful and attractive professional looking logo for your business or website from the above sites.

Feel free to share your comments and valuable feedback.

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