Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Disadvantages of Free Domain Names

Free Domain Name Vs Paid Domain Name

A domain name is an address or identification for your website. So a short and custom domain name is always better than a free one. 

There are many websites which offer free domain name as well. But those domain name are long and not memorable. Some website builders offer free domain name, for example:

These domain names does look professional and has less users. Moreover,  the major drawback with a free domain name is that they do not get indexed by Google and are not listed in search engines.

A free domain is SEO unfriendly. The other drawback is that a free domain name is never approved by Google Adsense due to its unprofessional impression.

A free domain name is only for limited period and it's services end after some time. After that you need to pay for continuation of the service. So you might end up loosing all your visitors, search engine optimizations, back links etc after the time period has ended. The ownership is a major concern for a free domain name as the free domain provider is the actual owner of the website.

The free domain provider places ads on your website in return for using it's services. This creates a negative impact and unprofessional look. Moreover if you choose a paid domain you are eligible for premium technical and customer support to resolve your issues. But this is lacking in a free domain name or hosting.

So, it's always correct to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar. Moreover, you should also get a custom email ID for your website as it is more attractive. Custom email ID means email@yourcompanyname.com.

There are many online websites which provides custom domain names at attractive price. You also get a number of additional features and services along with the domain name, just by paying a little extra money.

So always choose a paid domain name for your website.

Hope this helps you out. Kindly share your comments below.

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