Sunday, August 26, 2018

Create a YouTube Channel Step by Step

YouTube is a video sharing platform which was created in the year 2005 and later on in year 2006 it was undertaken by Google.

Users are free to watch videos and comment or share on that video. Moreover if someone wants to upload a video he is free to do this. It can be done by just creating a channel on YouTube. Making a channel and uploading a video on that channel has become very popular now a days. 

If you go to YouTube website or app on your mobile and search for something, then you will find plenty of video related to your search. In this technical era the use of smart phones have increased extensively. People like watching video tutorials more in comparison to reading a book.

YouTube has been ranked in 2nd position by Alexa. So YouTube is the second most popular site in the world. Youtube has millions of users worldwide and people spend hours and hours viewing videos here. 

Creating a video now a days has become cheaper as there are many apps, websites and tools through which you can create a stunning video in a few minutes for free. And promoting your brand or service through YouTube can be done for free. Hence advertising on this platform is really a good solution. Just create a channel and start uploading videos. All all the video formats are supported for uploading on YouTube.

This was all about YouTube website. 

Now  let's learn what is a YouTube channel? 

A YouTube channel is similar to your YouTube account. A person who has an account with YouTube can create a channel very easily in a few minutes and start uploading videos. The channel serves as a homepage for the user's account.

Steps to create a YouTube channel :-

1) Go to the YouTube website

2) Click on the sign in option at the top right hand corner of the screen.

3) Now login with your Google account or sign-up if you don't have an account
4) Click on settings(gear icon) at the top right.

5) Now you will see a link to Create a channel.

6) Next you need to choose if you want to create a personal channel or business named channel.

7) Now add your brand name and click on create.

Your YouTube channel is now ready... 

How to upload video on YouTube channel ?

Uploading a video on YouTube is easiest through a smart phone which has a YouTube app installed in it. The steps are:

1) Login to Youtube through your Google account and choose your channel.

2) Now, click on the video icon on the top  and choose the video from your phone's gallery.

3) Apply optional enhancements and click on Next.

4) Add the video title, description and adjust the privacy settings.

5) Click on Upload.

Once uploading is complete your video will be live in the web.
Steps to Upload videos through computer:

1) Open YouTube page on your browser.

2) Login to your account.

3) Click upload at the top of the web page.

4) Select Upload video.

5) Choose video privacy settings before uploading a video.

6) Choose the video that you want to upload from your system.

7) You can edit the basic information while the video is getting uploaded.

8) Click on Publish to finish uploading the video.

So this was how you can create a channel and upload a video on YouTube. Hope this helps you out.

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