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What is Google Adsense and how to make money

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is an advertisement network which was launched in the year 2003 and is managed by Google. It is a program through which website publishers or owners display targeted video, text or image ads on the pages of their website and get paid when view or click on the ads.
Google provides codes which a website publisher needs to paste it on his site wherever he wants to display the Google ed ads. Google offers code for many different kinds of ad formats and sizes. You just need to select the appropriate size or layout and paste the code onto your website. The publisher gets paid on a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google Adsense is completely free to join and is a very simple program. It is one of the most trusted and leading advertisement network. It enables website publishers to customize ads as per their requirement and display on their site.

Some points to be kept in mind before you apply for Adsense

There are a few mandatory things which should be kept in mind before applying for Google Adsense. Firstly, your site's content should be original and not copied from any other website. Moreover the content should be meaningful and understandable. 

If you just search on Google you will find that there are plenty of sites with the same topic that you have on your website or blog. So my advice for this would be that keep your content unique and original. This will strengthen your approval process. 

The next thing that should be kept in mind is to keep the navigation throughout your site simple.

A custom domain name and a custom email ID is necessary for an Adsense application approval. For example your domain name should be and not a subdomain like

The reason behind this is that Google wants their ads to display on websites whose domain name is professional.

Moreover do not place text links which compel your users to click on it. This can lead to rejection of your Adsense application rejection.
Also before applying make sure you have 3 mandatory pages in your site: Contact us, About us and Privacy policy.

Google is very strict in its policies and doesn't want it's users to violate it in any way. Because this can impact the Google's image. So before applying for Adsense kindly go through the Adsense
terms and conditions.

If you are a website publisher and want to earn money online from your website through Adsense then, design accordingly as per the Adsense approval criteria.

This was all about Adsense account approval process. But let me share with you that Google can ban or block your approved Adsense account if you violate the terms and conditions. Many of the publishers account gets banned because they ask their friends to open their website and click on the ads. They think that Google won't be able to identify this because the sites are opened from different IP addresses. But Google is very smart to catch these activities. So always try to be full honest if you want to really earn some money from Adsense.

Signup for Google Adsense

How to apply for Google Adsense ?

The application process for Adsense is very simple.

1) Go to signup page for Google Adsense.

2) The next step is to fill in your website's details like the URL and your email ID. If you have a gmail account then you can login directly or sign-up if you don't have one.

3) Then you need to provide your address and verify your phone number.

4) Submit your application.

After you have submitted the application Adsense takes 1-2 days to review your application. If your application complies with Adsense terms and conditions then Google will send you an activation email.
Once this is done you can login in your Adsense account and get access to the codes for publishing ads on your site.

What if my application gets rejected?

I have seen many bloggers who quit to continue writing blogs if their Adsense account gets disapproved. But let me tell you one thing that this is not the end. An application which has been rejected can be resubmitted again and again. You just need to work on the rejection points and improve your site accordingly. Don't resubmit your application instantly. Just check the rejection points and you can even mail Adsense and get clarity on it.

You can even apply for other advertising networks if you are getting rejected every time. There are many other ad networks who pay good amount to the publishers for placing their ads on their site's. So don't get demotivated because life has no end. Every failure is a path to new beginning.

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