Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SEO and Digital Marketing

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a technique by which the number of visitors or traffic to a website can be increased by getting a high rank in the search engine results like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO improves the visibility of a website in search engines.
Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content of your website so that the search engines shows it at the top of the search results.
The majority of the people today are using Google Search engine. And the top five results get the maximum number of clicks. This is the reason why search engine optimization is important for a website.

There are some techniques which will help you improve SEO of your website. I have listed a few of them:

1) Quality, useful and compelling content

The content of your website should be of high quality and relevant. This helps in increasing your page ranking in search engine results, as Google only shows those websites on top who content in the most relevant.

2) Improve your website speed

The time taken by a site to load completely in a browser is known as the website speed. Users expect a site to load in a few seconds and most of them cancel the page due to slow speed. A simple designed website with optimized images takes lesser time to load in the browser and enhances user experience.

3) Update your site regularly

Update your website content regularly and keep including relevant updates. This helps in building interest among the users and Google keeps those pages on the top in results page. Users like visiting the websites which have something fresh and new to read.

4) Outbound links

Outbound links are links to external websites from the pages of your website.  A quality outbound link helps to create trust and improve your search engine ranking. Avoid using too many outbound links as it can annoy your users. 

5) Remove errors and broken links

A broken link is a link to a page or resource which actually doesn't exist. At times this can be very annoying and avoid visitors to continue to your site. There are many tools and sites which help you to discover broken links and fix them. Hence removal of broken is essential for improving search engine ranking.

6) Easy navigation and layout

The navigation and layout of a website should be kept simple. If the navigation to the others pages on your website is complicated,  then users might not visit your site again. So keep the navigation menu simple and understandable.

7) Social media sharing 

Use of social media sharing options on your website will increase the traffic and improve ranking. You can add buttons to share the content on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ .etc

8) Mobile friendly 

A website compatible with mobile phone browser creates interest among users as majority of the internet users use mobile browsing. Majority of the websites traffic gets drastic decrease as they are non mobile friendly. Google has a Mobile Friendly Test to check if your site is mobile friendly or not. So it's really important to make a mobile phone compatible website. Most of the website builders offer mobile version development as well.

Just keep these points in mind while creating a website and you will definitely get better results.

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