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Create a Free Blog in Blogger

First of all, What is a Blog? 

A blog is an online information and discussion website where a person or group of person shares their opinions and views on a particular topic.
A blog comprises of a number of posts with the recent posts on the top.
Creating a blog is very easy and a good source of income if you are passionate to write and share your views. Blogs which have quality and useful posts are always liked by readers and get the maximum number of views.
You can start your own blog and share your views with the world. Readers love reading blogs which are of original content and meaningful.

How to set up a blog in blogger?

Creating a blog is very easy and your blog will be live in 10-15 minutes.
First of all choosing a platform to build your blog is more important. Because if you don't choose a correct and reliable platform, all your hard work can go down the drain. Just imagine how much time you spend writing blogs and suppose your blog is suspended due to some issues then what will be your situation. You will be totally depressed and would even quit writing more blogs. An inner fear of again losing your blog posts might keep you worrying all the time, even if you choose a new platform to build your blog.

So before starting some new project or signing up on a website it's always good to do some online research.As per the online research and reviews I found that WordPress is a good platform for creating blogs with professional look and more features. WordPress is used widely all over the world to create blogs due to its reliability and multiple features. There are a plenty of themes to choose from and lot many widgets to embed on your blog. WordPress has flexible and affordable plans to choose from for serious blog writers. I always recommend to create a blog with a purchased domain name and hosting.

But if you are have low budget and want to start with a free blog then go for Blogger platform. Blogger is an online blogging platform which is owned and managed by Google. The images on blogger are hosted by Picasa. It is very easy to create a blog through Blogger.
I will share the steps for creation of a blog through Blogger. The interface of Blogger is very simple and user-friendly.

1) First of all go to the link:

2) The next step is to login in your Google account or sign-up if you don't have one.

3) After logging in click on Create a free blog.

4) Enter a name and domain for your blog. Always choose a name which matches with your theme. The domain name depends upon availability and you would be getting a domain like

5) Then you need to choose a template for your blog. Choose any of the template and remember you can change it later on.

6) Now click on "Create blog" and you are done.

After you have finished the above steps, you will reach the dashboard of Blogger. Here you will see a number of options on the left side of the dashboard.

Let me just brief the most important options which you would be using quite often.

a)  Posts : You can add new posts and view your published posts here.

b) Pages : You can add new pages in your blog and change the necessary settings from this option.

c) Stats : You can check the statistics of your blog like sources from where you are getting traffic and total number of visits, country from where you are getting clicks,  system information and the browser information as well of your visitors.

d) Earnings : You can apply for your Google adsense account from this link and start earning from your blog.

e) Layout : You can change the layout of your blog and add widgets from this section.

f) Settings : You can redirect or connect your blog to a domain name that you own from somewhere else. Moreover you can increase your website visibility and submit your site from Google search console through this section.

So this was all about how to create a blog in blogger step by step. Once your blog is created remember to update it regularly with new posts. This will increase your search engine ranking and visibility.

Keep sharing only rich content posts and avoid violating any Google policies to avoid ban of your blog.

Once your blog is live for 6 months and contains a good number of quality and interesting posts(min- 20 posts), then you can apply for Google Adsense program and start earning. 

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