Thursday, August 16, 2018

Submitting Your Site to Google for Indexing

Submit your site to Google for free

So, once you reach this page of my blog I am pretty sure that you have finally completed writing your blog or website. Now it's time for others to see your blog as well and learn. 

If you have a strong faith that your blog or website has some useful and quality content that people will love reading, then go ahead and submit your site to search engines. You can submit your site to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for indexing.

Add my website to Google

Now let me first share with you that what is indexing?

In a simple language,  Indexing means adding of web pages to Google Search.
Depending upon the meta tag Google will crawl and index your page.

Before going ahead let's learn the meaning of two important terms:

1) CRAWLING : It the process by which Google visits a website for tracking purpose.

2) INDEXING : It is the process of adding a site's web pages to Google Search.

Google follows the links of the website and crawls your website through spiders.
So after crawling is done Google adds the pages of your website or blog to Google Search index.

You can submit your site to Google in two ways:

1) Add an updated Sitemap.

2) Submit an indexing request to Google.

So firstly you need to open the link of Google Search Console.

The next step is to login through your Google account or sign-up if you don't have one. 

Then click on Add a Property and type your homepage URL in the box. Now you need to verify your site.
This can be done by 3 ways:

a) HTML file: Upload an Html file to your website.

b) CNAME or TXT Record: Add a CNAME or TXT record through your domain settings.

c) HTML code: Simply paste a small piece of HTML code to the header section of your site's homepage.

You can choose any of the 3 above options to verify your site.

Moreover submitting a sitemap is also necessary for indexing purpose. To do this click on Crawl link and then on Sitemaps. Then type the sitemap location of your website in the box. Then finally click on submit.

Also set the target country by selecting the country from where you would like to get your target visitors.

The Google Indexing process takes time between 4 days to upto 4 weeks to get a site crawled and indexed. You can request for indexing of your website from Fetch as Google link. And check the status of your site's indexing from 'Index status' link under "Google Index".

How to check if your site has been added to Google?

Check if your site has been added to Google or not quickly. You just need to open Google search and type your website's URL and add site: before the URL in the search box and hit enter.

Let me demonstrate this with an example of my site. 

If your site is still not added to Google search engine you can re-submit it again.

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