Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is Making Money Online Easy

Online money is a way of earning money through blogging, website, affiliate network or e-commerce. Online work or business has a biggest advantage of working from the home. You are your own boss and no need to work under anyone.

You can earn money just by working from your home.

Making money online


Definitely not!! It's not so easy as it looks to be. When you search for "Earn money online" on Google you will find hundreds of websites who guarantee for earning money online in a few hours. But friends it's not the truth. Earning money online has never been easy. If it was so easy then most of the people would have quit their jobs in order to earn from home.

It's really very difficult to find a genuine way of earning money online.

Earning money online requires patience, hard work and a strong willpower. If you want to earn money quickly then friends this is not the right platform for you. You can search for some other way of earning money.  Online money comes to only those people who have devoted their time and have worked with patience. If you are in a hurry to earn right from the beginning you won't land up anywhere. So friends be patient and just work on your blog or website with complete dedication at the beginning.

Its really not bad to think about earning money from your blog or website. But first you need to make sure if your blog or website qualifies and is eligible for that.

Ask a few questions yourself.

1) Does it have enough quality and useful content which will be liked by users ?

2) Does it have content which will compel users to re-visit my blog or website?

3) Is my blog or website mobile-friendly and optimized for faster response.

4) Do I update my website or blog regularly for visitors retention.

Friends if you have really worked hard on these points then you are on the right track. Your website or blog is eligible to earn money. I have shared on how to earn money from your website or blog through Google Adsense in my previous posts. Google Adsense is one of the most genuine ways of monetizing from your blog or website.

There are many Google Adsense alternatives but Google pays higher than any other advertising networks. But it's not so easy to get Google Adsense approval. Your blog or website needs to strictly adhere to the Adsense terms and conditions. I have seen websites which are getting good traffic but still Adsense is not approving their application. 

Many people build a website or blog just for fun and don't follow proper guidelines while designing. Later on when they apply for Adsense to earn money, their application is rejected. Hence they never get approved by Google Adsense.

There are many websites who guarantee Adsense approval in a few hours or within few days. But believe me it's not correct. Google takes a day or sometimes even more time to review and approve an application. Moreover if you once improve and rectify the points on which Adsense had rejected your website you could get your application approved next time. So always believe in yourself.

As I have already said that making money online is not very easy but if you have a passion of writing and sharing your views you can create a blog. And once your blog  has minimum 15-20 quality posts you can apply for Adsense.

Moreover you can also earn money by joining affiliate network. You need to redirect visitors from your blog or website to the site whose affiliate you are. And once a user purchases or signs-up you get paid. But friends it's not so easy. You can only earn from affiliate marketing if your blog or site is getting good traffic. It needs a lot of hard work to drive traffic to your website or blog. And no one can drive traffic in a fortnight.

Few qualities and skills that you should have to earn money online are:

  • Patience
  • Good Reading and Writing skills
  • Basic Technical Knowledge
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Social Networking and Online Marketing skills

So just don't think about earning money at the beginning. First add good quality posts and work on driving visitors. And once you have a good number of visitors to your website or blog you will identity a numbers of ways to monetize from your site.

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