Monday, September 17, 2018

7 Qualities of a Great Blogger

Do you want to become a successful blogger? Do you want people all around the world to know you and your blog? Want to take your blog from bottom to high level?

Well if I ask the above question to a blogger, he wont say "NO".

Every blogger has an ambition to take his blog to success. But the question which comes to his mind is "HOW".

7 Qualities of a great blogger

So, in this post we will discuss about the most essential skills or qualities required for becoming a successful blogger.

There are several skills required to become successful in this competitive world. There is a huge competition going on in each and every sector. Everyone is busy in marketing and promoting his brand or services through digital media. Everyone wants to become the number one.

So, If you are also coming up with a new business idea then you need to be different from the crowd. Otherwise no one will identify you.

When it comes to blogging, there is a big competition here as well. There are millions and millions of blogs published. But do all of them get good number of visitors. The answer would be NO.

Most of them struggle to drive visitors to their blog and at last quit blogging. If you search on Google you will find that most of the blogs haven't been updated since years. This shows that the blogger has stopped adding new posts and updating his blog.

Like other jobs, blogging also requires some skills and qualities. So in this post I will share those skills which are necessary. You need to work on these if you want to succeed and make your career in blogging. No one can just learn by reading on internet. You need to experiment and apply those in your day-to-day practice to build your skills.

Now, lets discuss about the 7 skills which are required for becoming a successful blogger.

1) Content Writing Skills: Content plays a vital role in the success of a blog. It is the most important ingredient, which adds value to a blog.

So its very important to write engaging and quality content which compels a user to stay on your blog and re-visit again. Content improves page ranking and drives traffic to your blog. We have been talking about the importance of content in many of our posts.

The reason why I am asking to focus on content is because its the pillar of your blog. So you need to work on this sincerely
Your writing skill should be simply and easy to understand. There shouldn't be any spelling or grammatical mistakes in your content because it will create a bad impression in your users mind. There are many online and offline tools which rectify the grammatical mistakes automatically. So use these tools if required.

Build your writing skills and knowledge about a topic by reading more and more articles online.
Try to write if you are speaking to someone personally. Write in an interactive manners so that users love reading your blog.

2) Patience and Strong Will-Power: Patience is very necessary for a blogger. Many bloggers stop blogging due to the reason of less visitors.

But you need to understand that huge visitors won't come to your blog in just a fortnight. You need to be patient and keep on working on your blog.

So don't quit and keep patience. If you have worked with sincerity and written quality and rich posts, then someday your work will be noticed.

Strong will-power is also very necessary for a blogger. If you are determined that you will make a career in blogging, then you will definitely get success.

3) Image Editing Skills: Embedding images or graphics in a blog is necessary and helps in improving page rankings.

If you have nice pictures in your blog, then users will enjoy reading. The reason is because pictures speak more than words.

So its very essential to learn how to edit, format or re-size a picture. You don't need to be an expert of Photoshop or any other image editing software. There are lot of online tools which ease the job of editing images. You just need to learn how to use it.

4) Social Media Understanding & Marketing Skills: As we all know that social networking is a great platform for marketing our blog or brand. Since there are millions of users in social networking sites, so its very important to understand the way of promoting on this platform.

So it is very essential to have knowledge of these sites and how to promote. You should have complete idea of the dos and don'ts.

Moreover it is very necessary to have good selling skills to promote your blog and build relations. Most of the bloggers fail due to their weak strategies and planning. So proper planning and good marketing skills are required for becoming a successful blogger.

Connect with influencers and also try to read more and more articles to gain knowledge.

5) CSS and HTML Knowledge: Knowing the basics of CSS and HTML programming language is necessary for a blog.

I understand its very difficult for a person from a non-technical background to learn CSS and HTML. But you just need to know the basics.

Most of the online builders like WordPress or Blogger doesn't require an extensive use of HTML or CSS. But still you need to be aware of these programming languages as you might need it sometimes.
For guidance you can check HTML or CSS related tutorials on the internet. I believe this will help you out.

6) Passion: A blogger needs to be passionate for writing. If you are not passionate, then this is not the appropriate sector for you.

A blogger never gets demotivated and struggles in odd situation as well. So, you need to be self-motivated and keep on writing and sharing your views.

7) Networking: Just writing good and sharing quality posts is not sufficient. You need to build a network with other bloggers.

Comment on the posts of other bloggers and try to build relationships. Do guest posting and learn new things from the other successful bloggers.

This will really help you to promote your blog and become successful.

So, try to work on these skills as these are very essential for becoming a professional and successful blogger. Its good if you already have then. If you don't have, then don't worry. Read books and refer to online articles. I hope this will help you out because no one develops these skills suddenly, as it builds through regular blogging experience.

Hope this article helps you out. Kindly share your comments.

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