Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Embed Forum into Website

First of all, lets see what is a forum?

A forum is an online discussion or meeting platform where people exchange views and share comments. It's like an open discussion where different people comment and give their opinions on a particular topic.

Embed forum into website

In this digital world there is a lot of competition among the websites to drive traffic to their site and improve their page ranking.

Everyone wishes to have a good search engine ranking and more and more visitors to their website. However many people are struggling to achieve that. In this situation a forum can be a good idea to improve page ranking and drive targeted audiences to a website.

Online discussions have always been a better idea for driving customers and achieving a particular goal.

In this post I will share the benefits of having an online forum on a website and the places where you can get a forum. 

The major benefits of having a forum or online discussion on your website are:

1) Increases Site Ranking: Adding a forum to your website can help you to improve your website ranking. The main reason behind this is that in an online forum there is a regular addition of content. Users like to re-visit the website to post comments and check solutions to their previously posted question. This helps in increasing the ranking of the website.

2) Addition of Content Regularly: The online discussion on a forum helps in adding content to your website. If you have good and quality members associated to your forum, there will be good discussions. So this will help in addition of fresh content on your site.

3) Visitor Retention: The online discussions help in creating interest among the visitors. The visitors visit the website again to check the comments or answers to their questions. An online forum helps in visitor retention. Hence a forum is very useful for increasing the visits to a website and returning the old visitors again and again.

4) Support: A forum acts as a support junction for your website users. If you have quality members who are active on your forum then you need not to worry about the support. Many queries will be resolved in the forum and will help in creating a good user experience.
The most important benefit of creating a forum on a website is building relationships. Forums help in creating a community and building up meaningful relationships among each other. There are possibilities  of negative comments or spam in a forum. Moreover the administrator has full control on the comments on the forum.

Forums help in increasing sales and conversion of visitors to customers. Hence its a good idea to embed a forum on your website. 

Now I will share a few forums which you can embed on your website

1) Vannila Forums: Vanilla is a fully featured and powerful forum software to fulfill the specific needs of web developers. It is used widely across thousands of sites for building online discussion platforms. Vanilla provides both hosted and open source forum solutions for website owners. Vanilla is simple to use and has a great user experience due to its powerful tools.

2) BBPress: Bbpress is a forum which can be embedded easily in a WordPress powered website. It is an official WordPress plugin. It can be added by a plugin in a WordPress website. It is very easy to integrate bbpress on a website which is powered by WordPress. It has customization templates and has inbuilt spam protection feature.

3) Discussion Board: Discussion board is also a WordPress plugin which offers great forum platform for online discussion, question and answers for a website. It is very user-friendly and allows easy integration on a WordPress powered site. Its available for free, however you can upgrade to premium version as per your requirement. In premium version there are lot more additional features.

4) BuddyPress: BuddyPress is a powerful plugin in WordPress through which you can create a social networking platform in your website. Buddypress allows users to register, create their profiles, create groups and chat. In simple words Buddypress offers users with all the necessary tools and features to integrate a social networking platform on a website.

I believe this will help you out to create and mange a forum on your website. It will help to increase the number of visitors to your site and improve your page ranking in Google.

Kindly share your suggestions and comments below.

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