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Get Google Adsense Account Approved Easily

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Tips for getting Google Adsense account approved

Google Adsense is the most preferred advertising program for publishers. If you search for Adsense alternatives on the internet you will find many of them. But Google Adsense is the best and the highest paying program. It is very reliable and the payout is on time. This is the only reason why publishers aspire for an Adsense account to monetize from their website or blog.

It's not bad to think of earning money from your blog or website once its ready. You won't earn too much from a newly built site but if you work hard on the content, at least your domain and hosting charges will be covered. As I have discussed in my previous blogs that earning money online is not so easy. So you need to be patient and just work with full honesty on your site or blog.

Remember, you can't achieve success by mere hard work. Both hard work and smart work is required to become successful in this world of competitions. Read blogs of the top bloggers and learn how they got success. Read the success stories of top publishers and bloggers. Trust me, its really very motivating and inspiring. You will come to learn many things from them.

Now, let me share my story with you. When I built my first website I was not aware of Google Adsense program. So frankly speaking I didn't built the site as per Google Adsense guidelines. When I submitted the application to Adsense, they rejected it. I was really disheartened when I saw  the rejection mail from Google. But that day I learnt something that you should "never build, just to build". The reason for my application rejection was that I didn't have a pre-set goal of joining Adsense program in my mind before creating my site.

Get Google Adsense account approved

But friends it's never late. I made my mind that I will get Google's approval in my next try because I had a great desire of getting an Adsense account. It was not just because of the desire of earning money from my site but to get success after my failure. When I read the Adsense terms and conditions I came to know that a domain name needs to be atleast 6 months old for getting approved. I registered a domain name on 31st July 2018. And I got Adsense approval on 7th September 2018.

Approved Adsense account

Now you would be eager to know how did I get approval in just 1 month and 8 days. Friends I didn't apply any tricks. I just posted 20 quality blog posts with original content. I researched for interesting topics on the internet and wrote when I was free. And this worked. I am sure this will work for you as well. I am really passionate for writing and sharing.

In my earlier posts I have shared some important guidelines for getting an Adsense application approved. But here I will just highlight a few important points which will help you out. Friends always adhere to these facts before applying for Adsense program.

Firstly, purchase a custom domain name as and please don't go for a free one. I have discussed the disadvantages of a free domain name in my previous blog posts. The reason why I am saying this is that a free domain name is not reliable and there might be downtime. You do not have the full control to your site on a free hosting or domain name. Google strictly advises publishers to have a custom domain name before applying for Adsense.

The second and the most important factor is Content. The content on your site or blog should be meaningful and useful for others. Read the complete Adsense terms and conditions related to content before applying. If you are a blogger create at least 20 quality posts and then apply. Keep the navigation simple and easy to understand.

Thirdly, its mandatory to have Contact Us, About, Privacy policy and Sitemap pages on your website or blog.

This creates a trust in the mind of your users. So just work on these and apply for Adsense program. Google will definitely approve your application if you have adhered to the guidelines properly.

If Google rejects your application then don't worry, just work on the rejection points and re-apply. I hope this blog helps you out. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or need some guidance before applying for Adsense. I would really love to hear from you. You can also post your comments below.

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