Monday, September 3, 2018

Creating an Online Form on a Website

First of all let me share something about Web Form

A web form or an HTML form is a means of communication between the user and the website owner. A web form is a very useful means to collect information from a user or a visitor. Web form collects data and passes on the data to the administrator or website owner.

Create an online form on a website

While surfing the internet you might have come across several web form earlier. In our day to day practice we often fill online forms for support or customer service. Online form are good communication tools which help to bridge the gap between a website or blog owner and his user. It also helps in building a genuine or positive image of a website or blog. It has been observed that people don't like visiting or purchasing from those websites which do not have proper contact forms.

A form contains standard graphical elements like text, address,  email,  phone number, file , radio buttons, check boxes, button dew, etc. Earlier the forms were created by coders through html languages. But now it has become easy to create a form for your website. There are many sites who offer online form creation. Just go that site and sign-up and start building your online form. Many of them are free.

A form can be created easily through drag and drop mechanism. Choose the appropriate template for your form and then simply drag and drop the elements like text, address, email, phone number etc. You also need to do a few settings related to posting and delivery of the form.

Here I will discuss about some online web form builders:-

1) WUFOO : Wufoo is a very popular and reliable web form building platform. It's easy drag and drop platform makes online form creation very easy. You can create online forms, collect data and payments through Wufoo. There are both free and premium plans for users. The free plan has a limited functionality. However premium plans allow unlimited form creations and many other features.

2) JOTFORM : JotForm is a San Francisco based company which allows form creation and integration on websites. It also offers drag and drop form builder, where users can create beautiful and professional forms without any coding expertise. There are thousands of form templates to choose from. Moreover the integration of the form is also easy.

3) 123FORMBUILDER : 123Formbuilder allows quick form creation by its drag and drop functionality. You can create HTML forms, contact forms, email forms, order forms etc very efficiently on this platform and receive notifications through email.

4) FORMSITE : Formsite allows non technical users to create powerful web forms and surveys easily without any coding. There are a plenty of pre-built forms and templates to choose from. It also works on drag and drop mechanism for developing online forms.

5) TYPEFORM : Typeform is a Barcelona based company which offers online form and survey creation. You can create dynamic forms, surveys,  quizzes etc using this platform. There are more features in the pro-version in comparison to free one.

So use any of these online form builders for collecting data from your website visitors. It's very necessary to integrate an online form or contact form for your site visitors. It's easy and doesn't require any technical or programming knowledge.

Hope this helps you out. Kindly share your comments and check the related posts.

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