Monday, September 10, 2018

How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

Once you have created your blog and written good and useful posts, the next job is to promote it. Promoting a blog and driving targeted audiences require patience and hard work. Friends, Its not so easy.

How to increase traffic to a blog?

One of the most important criteria is the content. The content of your blog should be very appealing and original. If you want quality and regular visitors to your blog then first start working on the content of your blog.

Content plays a great role in increasing your Google page rankings because Google loves new and fresh quality content. Also update your blog regularly and keep adding new articles and posts.

Keep in mind that don't add posts just to increase the number of posts on your blog. Write meaningful and lengthy content posts which will be help you to increase page ranking on Google or other search engines. Search for hot and interesting topics on internet and write posts related to them. The reason why I am asking you to focus on content is because content is the only key factor which which decide the traffic to your blog through search engines.

Once your content is ready, you can go ahead and look for marketing your blog. But if your content is not compelling then users might come to your blog but won't like to visit again. So friends content is the major driver for traffic to a blog or website. Don't mind but what so ever is the topic of your blog, if you don't present it properly then it might be of no use to readers.

I would advice you to try something different and post topics which are usually searched on the internet. Avoid posting content which is similar to the previous posts on your blog, as your visitors might get bored and may switch off to some other blog or site. So before writing it is better to understand your target audience and share answers to the mostly asked questions.

If you have rich content, you can get high traffic to your blog. Moreover if you are getting organic traffic to your blog, there are high chances of conversion from these visitors. The reason why I am saying this is because organic traffic comes from search engines and there is a high possibility of conversion of these visitors to subscribers or customers. 

There are many ways to promote your blog and drive targeted audiences. I will just share 10 ways by which you can promote your blog and I am sure this will work for you.

However just keep this in mind that you can't get huge number of visitors in a fortnight but if you work sincerely, then this works. I have seen blogs getting good traffic after they implemented these steps.

1) Email Newsletter : Email newsletter is a smart way of  getting visitors to your blog. Email newsletter is a great way of  keeping your audiences up-to-date. They are updated on your recent posts and articles through email newsletters. 
Your email subscribers would love to come back to your blog and check the recent posts because they have given their consent to receive those mails. 
You can easily setup this tool on your blog for your visitors. Keep the newsletter eye-catchy so that your subscribers click on them and get redirected to your blog. This can generate some quality customers for your blog and drive business. 

2) Facebook: Facebook is the world's largest social networking platform with millions of active users. It is a great platform for promoting your blog. 
The best way is to create a Facebook page of your blog or site and start sharing your articles here. Invite your friends to like your Facebook page. Connect to more and more people and promote your blog.

3) Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for promoting your blog. It also has millions of active members and can be a great choice for blog promotion. Users share and comment through tweets on this platform. 
Tweeting about your blog can be a great way to connect with your customers. If you use Twitter well, then it can bring thousands of visitors to your blog. Tweet a link to your blog post in a very creative manner and try to tweet which creates an interest in your blog posts.always try short tweets.

4) Instagram: Instagram is a social networking platform for sharing photos and videos, and is operated by Facebook. Instagram has millions of active users and is a nice platform for promoting a blog.
You can create an account on Instagram and add a link to to your blog in the bio. Post regularly and at least 3-4 posts a day. Follow other users and  post pictures and use proper hashtags. This will help to increase your followers.

5) Google+: Google+ is a social networking site which is managed by Google. It is a very powerful platform to promote your blog but unfortunately many of us don't know about it.
You can promote your blog by joining communities and sharing your posts. There are communities which are related to blog promotion and has thousands of members. 
You can create a Google+ page and connect with other members.One you have good connections, more and more people will see the updates of your blog posts and visit your blog to read it. you can also build circles and add people to your circles based on their interest. Always keep the content on your blog updated to create interest among the users. 

6) Quora: Quora is one of the world's largest question & answers site. Its a great platform where people can ask questions, and the answers are given by the community members.
You can actively participate and answer the questions asked by the other members and simply place a link to your blog at the bottom of the answer. But don't do it much as Quora might block your account if they come to know you are spamming. So do it smartly and in a professional manner. You can even place a link to your blog in your profile section.

7) Pinterest: Pinterest is a social network where users come searching for creative ideas. At present is has more than 100 million users worldwide. Pinterest users can upload and manage images known as pins and they can save the pins on a pin board. You can share your posts and and get huge traffic from Pinterest.
The users on Pinterest love graphics and beautiful images, so just create attractive pins and drive traffic to your blog. 

8) LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented network with more than 500 million members. You just need to stay active and work on building connections. You can create a group or join targeted groups and promote your blog articles link to the members of the group.
LinkedIn is a perfect place to promote your blog as it is a professional social network.
Don't post unprofessional content which might hurt the sentiments of the users. Moreover posting irrelevant content on this platform won't fetch you anything.

9) Reddit: Reddit is an american news and discussion website where the members share content in the form of texts and images. The members of this website can up-vote or down-vote your content as per their choice. The more up-votes you get, the more traffic you build to your blog. 
This platform can be widely used to promote your blog or website and get thousand of visitors. 
But do it carefully and post only legitimate and authentic content, or else your account will be banned. 

10) Digg: Digg is a platform which allows its users to search, read and share the most interesting and discussed stories on the internet. To promote your blog or website on Digg, you need to submit the URL of your blog post. The members of the Digg community can share their content to the Digg network under the various categories. If your content is liked and voted up by the members, it gets noticed by your followers and the Digg community. This can increase the traffic to your blog to a great extent.

I believe these ideas will definitely work and help you in driving targeted audiences to your blog. It will help you to understand how to increase blog traffic. If you have any suggestion or queries, feel free to revert back to me by email. However, If you liked this post then kindly share your valuable comments below.

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