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Are you aware that and are different platforms? vs

I believe many of us are confused in answering this question. But the reality is that both are different. Probably most of the web developers know the difference between these two platforms. But many of the beginners are not aware and end up choosing the wrong platform.

My main aim besides sharing this post is to highlight the basic differences between and, for your better understanding.

I want you to choose the right platform as per your requirements. Because choosing a right platform is very necessary for success. So don't get confused and just spend a few minutes of your time to understand the basic differences.

Let's me first introduce, which is an open-source content management platform. It is free and very powerful platform for building a blog or a site. With you can create a blog or website which is totally yours and is not dependent on anyone. You are free to edit, change or update anything on your site.

What is

You just need to purchase a domain name and web hosting, where you can host your website files. In simple words, if you use this platform then you are the owner of your property. You are not dependent on any website builder or server. You have the full control and no one can turn off your site for any reasons.

Moreover, the biggest advantage that a user gets is the ease to use the large number of plugins and templates. It has thousands of attractive and professional looking templates to enhance user experience. Also the plugins help to optimize your site and add additional functionalities.

So, if you are really serious to earn money from your blog or website and build your career then go for platform. Its unique, free, reliable, powerful and secure platform.

Now lets discuss about platform is similar to the other online website building platforms like Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, Webnode, Yola etc where you don't need to purchase a hosting platform. You can choose from the paid plans or continue with a free plan as well. In the free plan you get a sub domain (

What is ?

There are several limitations in like unavailability of plugins, WordPress ads, cannot add Google analytics, templates etc. You get these features after upgrading your plan. However these features are available for free in platform.

So in my opinion simply go for as it is reliable in the long run. You can choose Bluehost for hosting as it fully compatible with WordPress and the installation is also very simple and fast.

There are hosting plans which are very reasonable and you also get a free domain name along with hosting.

The overall summary of this post is that is more powerful, robust and reliable platform to choose. Because self hosted platforms are more reliable and you don't have the fear of loosing your data. Your data is completely safe and secure. Because loosing data is really a very bad experience.
Just think you have created a blog with good number of posts and one day the blog is shut down without your knowledge. How dis-heartening would you feel then. So its always better to choose the best option.

So these were the basic differences between and platforms. I will share with you how to build a blog on self-hosted WordPress in my next post.

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