Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Earn Money Through YouTube Channel

If we are asked to choose between a 9 to 6 job and work from home job, then most of us would choose to work from home. The reason is possibly convenience and flexibility.

Earning money while working from home is a preferred choice for most of us. But the question is "How"?

If you search Google for Earn money from home, you will find hundreds of sites which claims genuine ways to earn money online. Most of them would ask you to pay a joining fees or subscription charge. But most of them are just making a fool of innocent people and cheating them.

My main aim besides publishing this post is to suggest you a very simple and genuine way by which you can earn money sitting back at your home. You need to do some hard work to earn money using this technique.

Friends I believe YouTube is a site which doesn't require any introduction. I have seen a 3 year old kid demanding to see his favorite cartoon videos on YouTube. This proves the popularity of YouTube.

YouTube has millions of active users worldwide. The reason behind the popularity is because people love to learn something through audio visuals rather than just reading it. So you can understand the potentiality of YouTube. Big brands and companies are now-a-days choosing YouTube to promote their brands and ideas.

So, the question which comes to the mind is that "How to earn money from Youtube ?"

There are many ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing, online store, Google Adsense, Blogging, freelancing etc. Most of these require you to have a blog or website. But the only way of earning money without having a website is through YouTube.

Let me first share with you a few benefits of choosing YouTube for earning money from home.

1) No hosting or domain name costs

2) Easy and simple to understand

3) Larger audience

So, now I come to the question " How to earn money  from YouTube"?

Earn money from YouTube

You can earn money by following these steps:

1) Create a YouTube channel

2) Upload videos to your channel

3) Join YouTube partner program and add advertisement to your videos through Adsense.

4) Earn money when a user clicks on the ads.

You can check my blog post on how to create a Youtube channel for more clarity on this topic.

Firstly you need to keep in mind a few things while creating a YouTube channel.

1) Keep the title short and catchy

2) Use proper tagging

3) Use attractive thumbnails for videos

Friends if you have a strong determination of earning money from home, then YouTube is one of the best option. If you are creative then you can earn thousands of dollars every month from YouTube. 

You can post any videos which will help the people or will create interest. It can be anything but shouldn't violate YouTube terms and conditions or else your channel will be suspended.

You can create videos through your smartphone or create video tutorials through aps which are freely available in play store. Its very easy and fast and doesn't require any technical skills.

Once your video is ready and uploaded to YouTube, you can monetize by joining the YouTube partner program. If you have an Adsense account then well and good, simply link the account to monetize from your channel. If you don't have one then simply apply for an Adsense account from there. Its easy to get approval for an Adsense account from YouTube rather than applying for a blog or website.

Once your application is approved, you can start showing ads just before or in between your videos. You will get paid if a user clicks on those ads.

Remember that enabling monetization for your YouTube channel requires some criteria to be fulfilled like subscribers count and average views count per video. So if your channel doesn't fulfill all the criteria, you wont be able to monetize.

The second most popular way of earning money from your YouTube channel is by showing ads of sponsors before or after your YouTube video. They pay good amount for showing their ads in your videos.

The third way of earning money from YouTube is by affiliate marketing. The earnings are great and you get paid on a per sale basis.

So friends there is a good opportunity of earning money from YouTube. You just need to create, upload and promote videos to earn money. You need to promote videos on social medias and drive traffic to earn. Try to convert visitors to subscribers and monetize your channel. 

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