Thursday, October 4, 2018

How to promote a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the world's largest video sharing platform. It has millions of active users worldwide.

YouTube is used effectively for promotion of brands and services. Promoting a channel is tougher than creating a video.

Even if you have a good video but if you don't promote it well, no one will see it. There are thousands of videos on YouTube which are not noticed by anyone due to incorrect promotion techniques.

I have shared some effective techniques which will work and promote your YouTube videos for free. It will increase your YouTube video hits and make your video viral.

So lets go ahead and learn.

How to promote a YouTube video and drive traffic?

1) Choose a good title : Title of a video is a deciding factor of whether to watch a video or not.

If the title is not appealing and unique then people will not see your video. They might skip your video and watch another video.
So choose a good title because a great title gets the maximum number of views.

I will share some important points that you must keep in mind while choosing a title for your video.

a) Keep the title short

b) Use proper keywords in the title

c) Use power words like "Great", "Awesome", "Best" etc to attract visitors.

You can use the keyword research tool to drive attention of users and get huge traffic.

2) Use attractive custom thumbnail : Custom thumbnail is an important key factor for promoting a YouTube video. Custom thumbnail is the first impression of your YouTube video.

So choose an attractive and attention grabbing thumbnail for your YouTube video. Even if you have a great video but the thumbnail is not good, users will not take the pain to check your video.

There are many apps by which you can create a custom thumbnail for YouTube video very easily. You don't need any sort of technical expertise or skills.

Simply choose a template and add text or pictures and your thumbnail is ready. Have a resolution of 1280 X 720 for the picture and create in any of the formats like .GIF, .JPG, .PNG etc.

Upload the image and set it as the custom thumbnail for your YouTube video.

3) Tag your videos : Tagging a YouTube video is very necessary as it drives organic traffic.

Use proper keyword search to add relevant tags to your videos. Search and use tags which are used by popular videos on YouTube.

4) Social media promotion : Social media is a great platform to promote your channel and get millions of views to your video.

You can share your videos on powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc and drive huge traffic. But remember to be disciplined or else your video will be removed and your channel will be banned.

Dont upload too many video in one go. Upload videos after some time interval.
If you have a blog then you can embed your videos on the blog pages to maximize visits.

5) Create playlists : YouTube playlists is an important way to promote your videos.
Playlists help your users to easily find and share your videos.

While creating a playlist remember to choose a grear title and add similar videos in one playlist.

Playlists increase search rankings and encourage users to watch your video.

6) Calls to action : Including calls to action helps a lot in promoting your channel and increasing views to your videos.

You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel or like your videos in between, beginning or at the end of your video. You can request your users to share your videos to more and more people.

You can even engage your users by asking questions or asking them to vote for something.

This technique is very effective and will definitely drive huge traffic to your YouTube video. Start using it and promote your YouTube channel for free.

These techniques will help you in getting more and more subscribers for your YouTube channel. So go ahead and use these techniques without wasting any more time.

Keep visiting this post regularly as I will keep you updated with more techniques for promoting your YouTube channel.

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