Friday, June 7, 2019

Create a free business website in minutes

Do you want to create a website for your business?


Then you are on the right page.

Google My Business offers creation of free, professional and stunning websites in a few minutes. It is completely free and easy to create a business website from Google My Business.

The addition of pages and editing is simple and can be done through computer or mobile. You can setup your website in just 3 simple steps.

1) Click on the link  to get started.

Google My Business

2) Enter your business name in the box and hit enter.

3) Choose whether you want your business location to show on your website and click on Next.

4) Choose the list of service areas on the next page.

5) Select the country where your business is based and click on Next.

6) Choose business category on the next page and click Next.

7) Enter your phone number on the next page and click Next.

Your website is setup now. You will reach the dashboard where you can create and add posts.

Moreover you can also add the services that you offer by clicking on the "Edit Services" link.

You can also add pictures and images in the Gallery section by clicking on "Add images" link. Adding pictures lets your customers know your business.

There is also section to add Contact information, Opening hours and About us.

Once you have added posts and all the relevant information related to your business, click on Publish button to get your website live.

Hence, if you want to create a free website for your business in just a few minutes then go for Google My Business. It is simple, user friendly and helps your business getting listed on Google search.