Sunday, October 6, 2019

How To Create a Short URL

So friends, if you want to create a short URL for your web page then this post is for you. In this post I will explain you:

  • What is URL shortening

  • What are the advantages of shortening a URL

  • Drawbacks of URL shortening

  • How can you shorten the URL of your web page

URL shortening is a technique through which a long URL is made shorter and redirected to the required page. URL shortening service helps to turn a complicated and lengthy webpage link to a short and user-friendly link. Though this service a redirect is created which brings the users to the original page on clicking the short URL link.

You might be wondering that how this can happen. But here comes the role of several URL shortening services which are available on the internet. Many of these services are free and they shorten your URL without asking you to pay any money, while some of them are paid services.

There are many reasons to use URL shortening technique. There are many URL's and webpage links which are lengthy, complicated and complex. These links might be more than hundred characters long and a combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters. These links are very difficult to share through messaging system in mobile phones due to limitation in characters. Moreover, they are also difficult and unpleasing to share on a social networking platform.

So using a URL shortening service can generate URL's which are readable and easy to memorise. These URL's are also easy to share through message on a mobile phone or on a social media platforms.

Advantages of URL Shortening

1)  Attractive and User-friendly : Short URL's uses less characters and can be easily shared and typed without error. A short URL is human friendly and can be easily memorised. A shortened web page link hides the real website's address and this is great when your original website address is long and hard on the eyes. 

2) Promotes Sharing : It is pretty easier to share a short URL in comparison to a lengthy web page address. By using a short URL you can fit more links and content in a limited or less space. A short URL is easy to type and share through a message on a mobile phone. 

3) Ability to track the click data and performance : Most of the URL shorteners provide useful analytical data like click data, geographical location etc. These data are extremely useful for webmasters to understand the source of the visitors and their areas of interest.

4) Higher Click through rate : Using of shortened URL's can help to increase your click through rate. A short URL perform better than an original unshortened URL on social media channels. Short URL's attract higher click through in organic search.

Drawbacks of URL Shortening

1) Used by Spammers : URL shortening may be used by spammers for illegal activities on internet. The reason is because the actual domain name is hidden and unidentifiable by the user. Hence it may be used to send spam messages.

2) More time to load the page :  A short URL can take more time to load the original page.

3) Not very reliable : The original website might not load if there is some issue with the URL shortening service. The shortened URL might not work if the URL shortner stop their service.

How to shorten a URL

There are many URL shorteners available on the web. If you want to shorten the URL of your webpage you can use the below services. 

1) Bitly

4) Tinycc

So, finally I would like to say that if you want a short URL for your web page, you can go ahead and use the services. There are a few pros as well as a few cons with the usage of short URL.
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